Educational Insight The Crowded Waters Game Review

Crowded waters

Our family reviewed the Educational Insights Crowded Waters Game by Educational Insight. Crowded Waters can be played with 2 to 4 players for ages 8+ years old.

We loved playing Crowded Waters because there are very few rules to the game, it’s easy for children to understand but is still challenging and keeps them on their toes and parents you will be kept on your toes as well! You play with the game board as well as each player gets their own color of sharks to play with. As you play the game the board starts to fill up with sharks and the person who has room to swim wins the game. My son’s have wanted to play every day since the game arrived. My older son even liked the game, so the boys were playing together and having a great time and I also liked that it was harder for my younger son to try to cheat while playing. lol Yes, he tries to with games we play.

The board is not a flat board but works well for the game. The pieces do not slide around the board and the kids enjoyed it so much. I really recommend this game for kids 7 and up, they can play it easily and if they love animals they will love the game even more! My son’s have had friends over and introduced them to Crowded Waters and they all had a great time playing and liked the game as well. We have a couple of the boys friends who normally do not want to play board games and they actually wanted to play over and over again. It was a huge hit with all the kids! When you can have children who normally do not want to play board games playing you know it’s a great game!

So be sure to add Crowded Waters to this year’s must have game list for Christmas! I know your child, or a child on your Christmas list will just love it! Parents, this game will also keep you on your toes with where you should move next and you will have fun playing as well. However, don’t be surprised if the kids win this game and your left scratching your head how it happened because you didn’t let them win! It’s really a lot of fun for the whole family and not a game that you will get bored with parents! It’s really a fun game for family game nights as well! Your going to need some fun games to play during the winter with the family so be sure Crowded Waters is on that list.

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