Dollar General: New Coupon Policy For the $5 Off $25 Purchase Coupons

I know I have sent many people over to the Dollar General Facebook Page when there have been problems with using coupons at their stores. I realize that you thought that it was maybe a waste of your time to go and that there was no reply to your comments so you felt they were not hearing you. Well, I’m here to tell you that your comments were heard and changes have been made! Great, job to those who took my advice and went over to let them know the problems with using coupons in their stores.

So I was told that there is a new coupon policy that was emailed out to the stores yesterday! So your store may or may not have their email as of yet. BUT here is the new way that the $5 Off $25 coupons work. It is no longer that your purchase must be $25 after coupons! It is now you need to spend $25, and then you can give them all your coupons! However, it is STILL that you need to give them the $5 off $25 purchase coupon FIRST before your other coupons or the transaction will not work! You will hear the dreaded beep at the register and have to restart your whole transaction again. So you can check with your stores to ensure they have heard the new coupon policy BEFORE you go and get upset with them not having the information as of yet. This as far as I am hearing will be available at all Dollar General Stores!

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