Four Dogs, A Cat, 2 Kids And My Insane Weekend

Blue and Shiloh

Meet Shiloh (Brown and White), known as the whiner of the group, and Blue (the smallest of the bunch) Who thinks he is 6 feet tall and Bullet proof.


This handsome guy is Wriggly, he is better known as the bully of the group. He likes to make it known that Shiloh and Blue are in his house. That it’s his kingdom, and they need to follow his rules.

tuck and wrigley

Tuck is the most loveable of the group, of course he is also the one that is able to clear out the house with his gas! I do believe it could be used as a weapon of sorts if you wanted to get someone back for a prank they pulled on you. OMG! he can make your eyes water!

Now the cat, Digger, he is not a fan of having his photo taken so needless to say his photo will not appear. He was hiding most of the weekend. Well, I should say the only time I saw him was when I forgot to feed him on time because of the circus that I had going on. Then he appeared and was tapping his paw and mean mugging me. So I ran down and fed him because he is known to leave you “presents” that you don’t want when he is angered by not eating on time. I was lucky enough not to find a present in my shoe or anywhere else so he was quick to forgive me. It could have been the extra treats I slipped him that convinced him I was really sorry.

I had Wriggly, Blue, Shiloh, and Tuck for the weekend along with Digger and my 2 son’s that were all apart of my circus for the weekend. My brother’s had to go out of town as well as my youngest daughter and granddaughter. So I somehow got roped into watching what I like to call the circus. It started early Saturday morning, I thought oh, this won’t be to bad! My daughter was leaving at 6:30am, she fed the dogs before she left and took them outside. So I went over at 9am to take them out, well I decided to take all 4 out at the same time to make things “easier” on me. Get them all out doing their thing and then get them all back in. So I took out Shiloh and Blue first, hooked them up to their chains in the backyard. Then went back in for Tuck and Wriggly and put them in the front yard with me. Everything was running smooth as could be, everyone doing their thing, and soon they would be crated for a short while as I run to the store.

Yep, I was WAY to comfortable evidently because Blue broke out of his harness and went barking and snarling at Wriggly. Blue evidently didn’t realize that he is only 1/4 of Wriggly’s size and could be stepped on and he just thinks he is 6 feet tall and bullet proof. So I have my son grab Blue, and I held onto Wriggly. We get them into the house and into crates, then I bring Shiloh in who is in the backyard just whining away. I bring Shiloh up to the front to get Tuck and I see one of the neighbors in the corner of my eye. He mean mugs me, and I wave and say good morning, he turns around and goes back to his house. I’m thinking that the circus woke him up after my daughter left at 6:30am. Sooooo sorry! At least I am assuming that’s what happened he wasn’t really talkative with me just shot me one of “those” looks and he was gone again. So I wrangle in the circus, sit down as my heart is just thumping along still after having to hold Wriggly back from Blue. Now it’s time to go to the store, I tell the boys let’s go. I look at the dogs and tell them to be good and no speak. Yeah, that lasted as long as it took me to close the door! UGH!

I do have to say lesson learned I did NOT take all four dogs out again at the same time! I come back from the store and start to make some lunch, I have baby gates up everywhere and I release three of the dogs, Wriggly stays in his crate while they are out. I grab my advil, my pepsi, and I’m good to go! So Tuck is laying down, he is the oldest of the group. Then all the sudden I hear growling, barking and a yip, okay what’s going on in here? I get plowed down by Shiloh, as he is running away from Blue with a bone. Thank you wall for keeping me upright! Then they were fighting over the bone, Blue is just growling and carrying on. So because Shiloh, and Blue are wrestling, Tuck of course had to get into the action as well. They are using my youngest son as a step stool as they all go racing around the living room, so I had to go save him. So I let them wear eachother out for a while and then crated them and let out Wriggly. So of course Tuck and Wriggly start to play fight and the circus continues.

This was my whole weekend, non-stop entertainment. By Saturday night I was beyond tired, taking care of the 4 dogs was wearing me and my back out. So I sat down on the couch to try to watch a movie as the kids were sleeping, dogs were crated except for Tuck. I was sitting there getting totally into my movie and all the sudden, OMG! WTH is that smell! TUCK! That is just NASTY! I had to retreat outside as my eyes were just burning and the smell was just god aweful! I broke out the air freshner because I am not kidding it was THAT bad! I finish watching my movie and think it’s bed time. So I just get all comfy and ready to drift off to dreamland. You have to be kidding me TUCK! Get out of here! You are just rotten, go by the others you have been voted off the island! I have to now use more air freshner so that I can go to sleep.

This and more went on the whole weekend! I have to say I could not wait for my daughter to get back home! She came in and I was spraying air freshner, Tuck struck again! She was laughing and said he does NOT smell like roses! I was like WTH is your uncle feeding him because he is just leathal! So we start the dinner feedings for the dogs and kids, I finally left there at 10:30pm last night and told her to enjoy her 4am wake up call. I see on facebook last night her status updated… “I think I’m going to need a gas mask till Tuesday!” anyone have one handy???? I started laughing Tuck struck again. I’m not sure how I got roped into all of that but I can tell you that, I will do two of them at a time but there is no more of the four of them at a time! lol I think I need a vacation!!!!!

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