New Doggy Doo Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

doggy Doo game

I received the New Doogy Doo Game by Goliath Games. When I opened the box the dog was just way to cute! My grandkids went just crazy over him. They wanted to take him for a walk. LOL! I told them we were going to play a game with the dog, they were so excited to hear they could play a game with him. My grandson was making barking noises, as he just loves dogs, so it was the perfect game for all of them to play together.

I set the game up for them put the “dog poo” into the dog’s mouth and got the game ready to go. So I had my grandson spin the spinner first. He received 1 click on the spinner. He clicked the leash one time, and then we went around till all the kids had a turn. When my granddaughter had her turn and the “poop” came out they were all amazed. She cleaned up the “poop” with her shovel and received her token. The kids were laughing and having a great time playing the game. I helped my grandson as he is 2 years old and wanted to play with the “big kids”.

My oldest granddaughter won the first game and by the time we had to stop for dinner all the kids had won at least one game. We have been playing it daily and they are still loving it and having a great time playing the game. It really is a fun game to play with the kids. We have been playing daily as they just love to watch the dog “poop” although they still want to take the dog for a walk. lol Their little eyes light up when I ask them if they want to play “Doggy Doo”. The object of the game is for a player to get 3 tokens to win the game. They must clean up 3 doggy doos to claim their tokens.

I also love that we now have a game that they love to play and is perfect for their ages. Not to mention we have been doing more and more “Unplugged time” so the kids are not in front of the T.v., no tablets, computers, and so on. So it’s a great way to have some family time and get them having fun and laughing as well. In our home we have Saturday and Sunday as “unplugged days” so we play games, go outside and play, and have fun together. Since we have been starting our umplugged days it has been so much fun and Doggy Doo makes it even more fun!

Doggy Doo, is a great game to give as a gift for the holidays or birthdays. You will love seeing the parents expression when they open it, thinking OMG! what is that! Of course once they start to play they will be totally addicted to the game. It’s a really fun game that the whole family will love to play! The fun will never end and their can always be a new winner of the game as well. They can blame you for their addiction to the game but you can smile knowing that the family is having fun because of your gift!

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