DIY Personalize Toy Baskets For Your Child #DIY #ToyBasket

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Are you looking for a way to better organize your child’s room? There is a great way that you can do it and personalize them with what is in them or with your child’s name, a favorite saying, or anything else you would like. The sky is the limit with your creativity with these adorable baskets, they would be perfect on a shelf, bookcase, or anywhere you would like to use them.

Your going to love organizing with these fun baskets and you can even put pictures of the item you would like the kids to place in these adorable baskets! They are created with a Dollar Tree Basket for $1 and Craft E Vinyl – 6″ x 12″ – 40 Sheets Assorted Glossy Colors of Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl that make these baskets look great!

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Materials needed:

* Craft E Vinyl – 6″ x 12″ – 40 Sheets Assorted Glossy Colors of Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl
* Basket from Dollar Tree
* Scissors
* Large Stencil of Letters about 2″ tall letters (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Kmart,) I bought mine at Kmart
* Ruler
* mini Scissors ( I bought mine at Dollar General but should be available at craft stores as well)
* Tracing Paper
* Coloring Book or stencils with favorite Characters or objects you would like to place on the basket


Step 1: Choose the color you would like to start with and turn it over to the white side. You will then place your letter stencil on it so the letter is backwards and trace your first letter. Then move it over an inch and continue to trace each letter that you need.

Step 2: You will Then cut them out with your small scissors, continue till all your letters are cut out

Step 3: Use a ruler to see where each letter will go. Then mark it with a pencil or pen

Step 4: Peel the back off of each letter, it will work better if you use your finger nail to work it off

Step 5: Place them along the mark that you put it

Step 6: Then use your tracing paper or stencil to create your design to go around the name or the other side of the basket. There are some great stencils you can choose from Here. You could also cut out circles like I did and over lap them like I did as well.

Step 7: Place the rest of your design on the basket and your basket is now ready to be filled.

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  1. bluebird23 says:

    This is cute! I have some baskets like these and need some storage in my sons room! Thanks!

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