Disney Imagicademy Frozen Science Activity Book Review

The Disney Imagicademy Frozen Science Activity Book, is a lot of fun for the kids. They can use The Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio to play and create. They can have lots of fun with Frozen themed activities and learn about Science as well while they play. You can find the Disney Imagicademy Frozen Science Activity Book at Target.
I played with my granddaughter with the Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio and the Frozen activity book as well. We learned a lot about different science experiments as well as about weather and so much more. She was also able to create different fozen stages with the system. She is a huge Frozen fan so this book was perfect for her and she learned and retained so much information that she learned. I was really surprised at how much she knew and how much she learned while playing.
The system becomes the stage for the frozen fun and there are backgrounds for the stage as well as characters in the book for them to use to create their own frozen play area. She was so entertained with the book and the system that we had a lot of fun while we played. The book and system are for ages 4 and up, of course the 4 year olds are not reading yet so they will need some help from you with the reading parts of the book. However, it is a great activity that you can do together and bond while having fun!
We have played with the system and book several times as she just loved it so much. There are plenty of other books that they can play with and add to their collection like the Mickey Mouse Animals Activity book and more. There are always new activities that you can do in the different books and more learning experiences. They can continue to learn from them and have hours of fun with you and their system. They can also revisit them as they get older as well and reread them and do the activities as well when they can read by themselves and remind themselves of everything that they have learned. I love when the children can play and get valuable information at the same time without it seeming like work to them. It would make a perfect Christmas gift this holiday season!

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