DirtyBird Energy Sensitive Multipack Soap Review

Dirty Bird bar soap

I received the DirtyBird Energy Sensitive Multipack Soap to review with our family. I have to say there is a great variety of soaps that are perfect for the whole family. Since several of our family have sensitive skin, we couldn’t wait to try the soaps.

The DirtyBird Energy Sensitive Multipack Soap comes with 6 bars of soap in a great reusable container that you can also use to travel with you. The Multipack comes with 2 Recovery, 2 Relax, 1 Original, and 2 Replenish bars of soap. The Replenish bar of soap is unscented, the Relax bar is Lavender scented, the Original is Peppermint scented, and the Recovery bar is Eucalyptus scented. The bars are 5.5 oz bars are a great size and easy to handle when your using them in the bath or shower.

I tried the Relax bar as I had just been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with everything on my schedule and also from us being sick so much this winter. So I could really use something relaxing to help the tension go away. So I grabbed everything and headed in to see how it would work. Now, I only have time for a shower, because as many of you know when you have kids and grandkids they are going to go and locate you and bug you the whole time. So I told everyone that they were not to knock on the door, try to get into the bathroom, or anything else till I reappeared. I went on my Merry way and of course I got as far as in the bathroom and one of the kids needed to use it. OY! However, at least it was before I was trying to get relaxed.

dirty bird replenish

I got into the shower and I could just smell the lavender scent it was just like “Ahhhhh!” So I got into the shower and when the hot water hit the soap it lathered up really well and it smelled even more like Lavender in the bathroom. I have to say that I just loved the the way that the soap felt on my skin as well. It was a very silky on my skin, I also had very dry skin from this winter and it was making the dry skin feel better as well. I was actually starting to relax and I could feel even some of the stress leaving my shoulders where it sets up camp and just stays. I felt so much more relaxed and ready to take on my schedule and my family after my relaxing shower. It really was heavenly, I have been using the relax for several days now and it really just makes me so much more relaxed and ready to take on everything that comes my way.

My son who has EDS, sensitive skin and allergies to a lot of soaps used the Replenish bar. It has no scent, a nice 5.5 oz bar, and he was excited to try the soap. Since the Relax soap bar worked for me and I had have allergies to soaps as well. So he was going to go try it, so he got all of his items ready for the shower and since he has the allergies we watch his skin close after he showers to ensure he doesn’t get hives. So he went in took his shower and when he came out of the bathroom I got his report on the Replenish. He said that he loved the way it lathered up, the way his skin felt so soft after his shower and it didn’t feel tight like it normally does. He really liked the way his skin felt, the way it felt like it was moisturized, he really liked it and has been using it ever since. I think that the Replenish would be great for a Mommy to be as it hydrates the skin so well. We all know that our bodies go through changes while we are pregnant so it would be great for Mom’s to use as well.

My son also tried the Recover soap bar, he gets a lot of bumps and bruises due to his EDS so we tried the soap bar as well. He has only tried it once so far but he just loved the Eucalyptus scent of the soap. He told me that it lathered well, that it felt really nice on his skin when he used it, that it didn’t dry his skin. He is going to keep using it with the Replenish bar soap and rotating the bars. We haven’t used it long enough to know if it helps to encourage bruises, Inflamation and bumps to heal quicker. I will however, update this review once we know how it works with them.

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