Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles™ Race Car Review


My grandson and I sat down with the Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles™ Race Car, I wanted to see what he thought of the race car and if he would be able to put it together with me. He is 3 years old and loves cars but we had never tried to put one together before so I thought it would be interesting to see what he thought about it and if he would like putting the car together.

We took all the pieces out and at first he was a little puzzled as to why it wasn’t ready for him to drive it around already. lol So I told him we were going to put it together. That he gets to work on his car just like grandpa does. Well, that got him excited. So he snapped the pieces together and when he saw the mini drill, he said “Papa said I can’t use the tools without him.” I laughed and told him this is your mini drill so you can use it. His eyes lit up and I handed it to him. He put the screws in his car and he was just so excited that he was able to use his drill and he put the car together by himself.

He then took the race car for a spin and he was laughing and playing. He was so excited to tell the whole family that he built his car and show them his drill. It was so adorable! It is his new favorite toy and when grandpa goes outside to work on the car he has to bring his drill with because he can’t use the other tools but he can use his! It was such a great way to spend time with my grandson and he just had so much fun playing with it.

We are going to get another Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles™ Race Car for each of my granddaughters because they are jealous and want to put a car together as well so they can race their race cars together. I can see we are going to have so much fun with the grandkids and their Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles™ Race Cars. It’s a great way to make some memories as well as have a great time together.

The Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles™ Race Car would make a great gift for the holiday season, birthday gift, or something fun to do with your child. It will be so much fun, and the memories will last with you and the child you build it with. So get your Design & Drill® Power Play Vehicles™ Race Car for your little car lover and let the fun begin!

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