CVS Deal NEW Tinkerbell and the great Fairy Rescue DVD for $4.99. I got mine for only $.81 see how

I’m working on getting my camera to upload the pictures it’s not playing nice with me. I WILL get the receipt and the picture of the DVD uploaded very shortly. I did get my Tinkerbell movie for $.81! Here is how I did it.

Tinkerbell DVD-$19.99
-5.00 CVS ECB (from previous purchases)
-$10 off coupon for Tinkerbell Blu-Ray Combo
$5 CVS ECB when I paid for the movie which was:

Total- $5.81 BEFORE the $5 ECB printed. So new total was $.81

CVS has limited copies of the Tinkerbell DVD there were only 5 copies in the store when I went there! So get yours NOW!

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3 Responses to CVS Deal NEW Tinkerbell and the great Fairy Rescue DVD for $4.99. I got mine for only $.81 see how

  1. Natalie says:

    Is the TInkerbellmovie at CVS the Blu-ray/Dvd combo becasue I heard they are no?. If they are not selling the combo, then you can’t use the $10 coupon.

  2. They are NOT the Blue-Ray DVD combo it is just the DVD that I purchased this morning for $.81 with the $10 off Blu-ray DVD combo coupon. They do accept them for just the DVD alone. I got it for $.81 because I had a $5 EBC coupon from other purchases other wise it is the $4.99 after the EBC’s print out. 🙂 However, word to the wise our CVS only had 5 of the movie on hand so I would do it soon in case your local CVS is the same.

    I will be posting pictures of receipt and DVD that I purchased at around 12:30 I ended up having to run to Walgreens to get a image CD made as my camera software is acting up. So I will be showing you at around that time my purchase. 🙂

  3. Natalie if you would like the Combo of the Blu-ray or the DVD combo I would suggest that you go with the Toys R Us deal so that you get the FREE watch and the bracelet to go with the deal for $10. You can see it here

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