How To Cut Meat Costs

Have been wondering how to save on your meat costs for your family? Meats are one of the most expensive staples in our diets. So we are always looking for ways to save money on them. I have found a couple of ways to save on meats that have worked for our family.

The first being visiting your local State or County Fair. They set the prices for the meat costs for the year. So knowing what the price is going for on the market is going to help you to make a good deal on your purchase. You can then call your local 4H club and request information on all the animals that were not sold at the fair. All the animals must be sold so they need to be purchased. You will get a good deal on the animals that haven’t been sold. You could get them for $1-$2 lb after being processed. They will send them to the butcher that they use for processing, and then you can pick it up. It can be a great way to save a large amount on your meat. You can also see if someone in your family wants to split half of the meat to cut the costs even more for you if you do not want a whole Cow or pig. These animals need to be sold to purchase another animal for the next year’s fair.

This is one of the best ways to save on your meat costs. There are of course always your sales at the grocery stores and using coupons. You can also check with local farmers to see if they have animals up for sale as well. If you have a several acres, you could also raise your own animals that will be used to feed the family as well. These are a Couple the best ways to save money.

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