CozyWoogle Coat To Keep Kids Safe In Car Seats Review #Giftideas #CarSafety

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Do you worry about your child’s safety in their car seat? Worry if their jacket will cause a problem if your in a car accident? You still want your child to be warm in the winter but want them safe as well? Well great news there is now the Cozywoggle will help you keep your child warm this winter as well as safe in their car seat as well.

If your in one of those states that has the harsh winters like we do. You will just love Cozywoggle, it comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. The Cozywoogle also comes with adorable penguins on the front of the coat as well. Cozywoggles come in a Blue/yellow, gray/orange, green, and purple. Your sure to find the perfect color for your child to wear. I love that the coat is great to use with a 5 point harness car seat to a booster car seat. Finding a coat that is both safe and will keep your child warm is now available to you. There use to be no coats that would keep your child safe, you would have to place your child in the car seat, strap them in and place their coat over the top of them. However, they would be cold with all the shifting in and out of the car seat. It’s always difficult to stay up with all the do’s and don’ts for your child as well. Cozywoggle has made it easy for you to keep your child safe and warm at the same time.

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Cozywoogle knows that your child is precious to you and wants to ensure that they stay safe. The Cozywoggle will turn into a poncho when you place it onto your child in their car seat. Then turn back into a warm coat when you remove them from their car seat. It’s the best of all worlds for keeping your child safe and warm and the only jacket of it’s kind. Knowing the risk to children who are strapped into car seats with their coats on, Cherlyn Jenkins, a certified child passenger safety technician, searched in vain for a coat that would keep her newborn and toddler both warm and safe but could find nothing that fit the bill. She took matters into her own hands and created Cozywoggle, an innovative new garment that looks like a traditional coat but can safely be used with any 5-point harness car seat.

Crash tests conducted at MGA Research, a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approved lab, have demonstrated that wearing the Cozywoggle while riding in a car seat is as safe as wearing no coat at all. The Cozywoggle is made from machine washable, weather resistant polyester and includes a cozy fleece lining for warmth. It comes in sizes18 months, 2T, 3T, 4, 5 and 6. I was amazed at how well the Cozywoggle worked with my granddaughter in her 5-point harness car seat, she was comfortable, warm and safe in her seat as well. They look adorable on and she was so happy to wear the Cozywoggle. I can honestly say that most of the time she screams when we put a coat on her, she was just in love with the Cozywoggle. I call it a score, safe for children to have when in their car seat, keeps them warm, and turns into a coat when they are out of the car seat. Keep your precious little angels safe and warm this winter with Cozywoggle.

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