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We received the Compound Kings Powder Squishy Like Slime Compound to review. My son’s and grandchildren love slime, so they were very excited to make the slime and have fun with it. They were so ready to get it out and let the fun begin.

I loved that we only needed to add water to make the slime instead of purchasing several items to make the slime. They also could add glitter or sparkles. The kids took turns adding in some of the water and mixing the compound that was needed to make the slime. Then we waited for the slime to appear, the kids sat and watched it and were so excited when it became slime. They kept saying “It’s SLIME! It’s SLIME! They were ready to play with it.

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The kids each took some of the slime out and put it on their hands. They had a great time squishing it between their fingers and making it into different things like balls, they were having so much fun! I loved that the kids could play with it without it making their hands all nasty. They could play with it and it all goes back together and you can place it inside the container again for later use.

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I also really like that you can take the slime and mix the colors as well. So if your children have different colors they can mix them to add more fun colors to their slime. My son’s now want every color available so I see more colors in their future. If you would like to do multiple colors they do have the Compound Kings Make Your Own Squishy Like Slime Large DIY Kit that offers a number of colors for your child to make and have fun with. They could have a lot of fun making different colored slime to play with.

Your child would love it to have hours of fun with and you will like it because it doesn’t make a mess. It sticks to itself, and you can have a lot of fun playing with it. It also has glitter that the kids can add to their slime. The kit also includes a mixing tray and spoon to measure the water. You will have everything that you need to make the slime and have a lot of fun! They would both make great gifts for a birthday party or holiday season!

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