Collage Personalized Photo Blankets, Photo Books, and Photo Canvas Review

Collage blanket

Collage offers beautifully personalized Photo Blankets, Photo Books, and Photo Canvas that would make great gifts for the holidays. If you have that person who has everything and you have no idea what to purchase for them for the holidays, look no further get a personalized gift for them!
Collage’s personalized blankets are not only warm and come in perfect sizes but the photos come out crystal clear. I received a personalized photo blanket from Collage and I have to say that I was impressed with the quality of the photo as well as the quality of the fleece that the blanket was made of was soft and high quality. I have seen some photo blankets that were scratchy when you received them but the Collage photo blanket was soft and cuddly. It would make the perfect gift this holiday season! I also loved that you can add more then one photo on your photo blanket if you would like to.

Collage photo canvas
Collage Photo Canvas’s will bring your photos to life on your walls. You can add just one photo or several photos. It’s the perfect gift for the holidays for that person who loved photos that you took at a family event, for grandparents who do not see their grandchildren all the time, or for that person who has everything. They would also make a perfect Baby shower gift, bridal shower gift or for the holidays. You can not go wrong with a beautiful photo canvas for anyone on your gift list. They come out so perfect that you may have a hard time giving them as a gift as you will want to keep them for your home! The photo canvas is a very high quality canvas, the photos come out perfect.

collage photo books
Collage Photo Books will be the perfect conversation piece to give to anyone on your Christmas list. Grandparents can use them as their brag books to show their friends how adorable their grandchild or grandchildren are. A newly married couple can use the book to show their beautiful day to everyone who visits their home. Teachers would love receiving the book of their class and all the fun that they have had so far this year. It would really make the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list. While your ordering one for Christmas gifts, don’t forget to make your own as well! I love that you can add so many photos to the 20 page book and even add more pages if you would like. I fit 3 to 5 photos on each page, so that their will be plenty of brag books to go around this holiday season!
My mom just loves having the books as she can take them with her to show everyone how big the grandchildren have gotten. All the special moments she has had with them as well. It is a very special book to everyone who has received one during the holiday season in our family. Your family will feel the same way when they open it. I love that you can also add text (words) to the photos to explain how old the children are, what event the photos were from and you never have to guess what date it was or what event it was.

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