Coastal Contacts: 10,000 Free Pairs of Glasses @ 12 EST on 5/11

Coastal Contacts is at it again! They are giving away 10,000 pairs of glasses! Use the promo code:FREE5112011 at the checkout. You need to find the glasses that say coupon accepted for the frames you can locate it under the picture of the glasses. Visit This is for people who have not gotten a free pair of glasses yet. If you have been a member for a while but have not gotten a pair of free glasses yet you will need to get a different code and you can get one Here before the event starts. You do pay shipping on your glasses which is about $16. You do not need to have your prescription when ordering. Just order your glasses, add bifocals, tint or whatever you need and then place your order and call or email them to put your order on hold till you have your prescription.

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