Clean Eating: Fresh Fruit Ambrosia Salad Recipe


Fresh Fruit Ambrosia salad is one of my summer favorites, it makes a great dessert or side dish to any meal. It also makes a great dish to bring to any potluck events you have and it’s easy to whip up in about 20 minutes, and then just chill till your ready to serve. Everyone raves about it, I don’t add marshmellows to it but you can add them to the salad if you chose to or nuts as well if your a fan of nuts. You will love how easy it is to make and the delcious flavors that are combined in this salad as well. You will make all of the fruits bite size pieces except for the grapes.

2 Cups of cut up Cantloupe
2 Cups of cut up Watermelon
1 cup of Cut up Mango
1 cup Green Grapes
1 cup Red Grapes
2 cups Fresh Pineapple
2 cans of Coconut Milk (Put in fridge for 48 hours)
2 teaspoon Vanilla
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
2 packet Truvia

Step 1:Step 2: You will take your Coconut Milk out of the fridge and open from the can from the top. You will pour out the milk that is on top into a bowl. Then take the hard cream on the bottom of the can and place into another bowl. Place the lid on the Coconut milk and return to the fridge if your not going to use using it to make a dish right away.

Step 3: You will add your Cinnamon, Truvia, and vanilla to the bowl with the cream and beat with mixer until it till peaks form. Once it has peaks you will mix it in with the fruit and place back into the fridge to chill till your ready to serve.

Step 4: Be sure to place back in fridge when your not serving if it is hot outside or in the house.

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