Clean Your Bathroom With Little Effort When You Use Efferdent


I know that many of us loathe to clean the bathroom and wish that we had a maid or a magic wand to make it clean itself. It’s that one room in the house that no one wants to clean because it’s always messy thanks to kids or spouses. We always walk in the bathroom and look around and just dread the task ahead of us. However, the task has just become a lot easier! You will stop dreading cleaning the bathroom with these simple easy steps to a shiny clean bathroom and love the way it looks with very little effort on your part!

Who wouldn’t love for the bathroom to almost clean itself while your doing other things? I love doing my bathroom now and it’s done so quickly that I can be in and out of there in 10 to 15 minutes. I was looking for an easier way to clean the bathroom as my son’s just make it a HOT mess! They are always leaving toothpaste in the sink, messes when they wash their hands, and it use to be so much of a pain to clean it. I now clean the bathroom while I sleep! Okay, it doesn’t completely clean while I’m asleep but it does give it a great start!

Before I go to sleep at night I take a Efferdent Tablet and throw it into the toilet bowl and one into the tank as well. It then has time to clean any hard water stains or anything else that is in there. I fill the bathroom sink with hot water and then place a tablet in the sink so that it will clean the sink. Then I fill the Tub with hot water and place 4 tablets in the tub, I place then in a straight line on from the front to the back of the tub. I then let them sit and clean all night and drain them in the morning.

I will then use my normal cleaner to clean the rest of the rest of the bathroom and I can be easily in and out of the bathroom in 10-15 minutes! The bathroom sparkles and I used very little effort to make it happen. It’s the best of all worlds! So if your bathroom is driving you crazy, make cleaning easy with Efferdent tablets. Did I also mention that you can purchase them at Dollar Tree to save money as well???? Make your life easy and cleaning a breeze!

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