How To Chalk Paint, My Chalk Paint Spice Shelf #ChalkPaint

chalk painted spice rack

I found this shelf and I have been wanting a new spice rack but I wanted it to match my kitchen. So I found this shelf that is sturdy and would hold a number of spices for me. I have a TON of spices that I am always using. I have a couple of shelves in a cabinet but I need a place for the over flow of spices. I found a shelf that I could hang on the wall or put on my counter depending on where I wanted it and since I am constantly changing things it would be able to be used in several areas easily.

spice shelf before painting

This is what my spice shelf looked like before I chalk painted it. I have it ready to be painted on my plastic drop cloth so that I won’t get paint all over. It’s always a good ideas to use a drop cloth to keep your paint contained.

Chalk paint mixture

I made my own chalk paint instead of purchasing it at the store. I purchased a pint of Latex paint, Plaster Of Paris and added water to the Plaster Of Paris to thicken the paint. The recipe is below:

2 cups of Latex Paint
5 teaspoons of Plaster of Paris
and 4 teaspoons of Water

I used throw away plastic bowls to mix my plaster of Paris and water in and for the paint to go into to mix them. It gets hard so I wanted something I could throw away and not have to try to clean up after words.

Add the 2 cups of Paint to the first bowl. Then add your Plaster of Paris and water to the 2nd bowl and stir till it’s completely mixed. Once it’s mixed add it to your Latex paint and mix it together. If you would like your paint to be thicker you can add a little more Plaster of Paris to your bowl before mixing it with paint. Then mix it together with the paint. You want to do this in small amounts as your paint will start to get hard after a little while due to the Plaster Of Paris.

Spice shelf first coat

This is my 2nd coat of paint on this shelf. Now had I wanted to distress this shelf, I would paint the first court with the color that I want to show through. Then once it was dry, I would apply Vaseline over the top of the paint that just dried so that I could easily wipe away the next layer of paint that I applied. So I wanted to add this part in so that if you want to distress the piece that your painting you could do so. I wanted my piece to be all one color to match my kitchen without having the distress.

I applied 3 coats of paint to the shelf in total to get it to the color and look that I wanted. You can always play with your piece to find the way you want it to look. If you want the distress look, then I suggest a Black or White Latex paint be used to apply the first coat, you can use any color that you want but the white or black will give it more of an aged look. You will want to make sure that the paint is completely dried before applying the next coat of paint.

There are so many different projects that you can make or redo with the chalk paint. It’s a great way to bring new life to an older piece of furniture that you love or to redo a piece that you find and want to use in your home. I love that you do not have to sand or remove the finish before starting your project! You just start to redo it, and let your creativity go while redoing your piece.

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2 Responses to How To Chalk Paint, My Chalk Paint Spice Shelf #ChalkPaint

  1. Awesome, I love the fact as well that you made your own chalk paint and I’ve taken the recipe you used down for it as well. Thanks!

  2. julia cosgrove says:

    Wow, this is a really awesome idea. I have several pieces I need to paint but wanted to have fresh ideas for. Thanks!

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