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catch the fox

I received the Catch The Fox Game to play and review with my children. The opinions are those of my family and myself. We were looking at the game when it arrived and thought that the fox was really cute! When we got the fox out of the box and saw his pants and the thought of putting chickens in them had the kids laughing.

When we set up the game the kids were ready to play. My son took his turn shaking the die and rolled a 2 so he put two chickens in the foxes pants pocket then pushed his head. Then my older son took his turn and got 1 chicken and put it in his pants pocket and pushed his head down. They kept sticking chickens in his pants till his pants fell down. Then they grabbed the chickens with one hand and put them on their chicken on their coops. My youngest son filled up his coop and he won the game. They then started a new game, it was a lot of fun to play for the kids and I.

We were having so much fun playing that I forgot that I should be making dinner. So it ended up being a pizza kind of night and playing games. The kids really enjoyed that as it doesn’t happen often so it was a special treat for them. We continued to play after we had our pizza and played till it was bedtime. It was so funny to watch them grabbing for chickens to fill their coops. Everyone won a couple of the games as well, so they were both thrilled. Of course they were not as thrilled when I called bedtime. lol

The Catch the Fox game is great for ages 4 and up. We played with my granddaughters as well and they just loved the game also. My youngest granddaughter the minute she walks through the door asks “Where is the Fox, Nana?” They just loved the game and playing it with their Uncles. They just had such a great time playing that they want to play every time they come over. Not that Nana minds or their Uncles either, we all have so much fun together.

If your looking for a fun family game to play with the kiddos or grandkids this is one everyone will have fun with. It would also make a great gift for the kids as well. I have to say as a parent this is one of those games that I do not mind playing over and over again with the kids as well. I do have my favorites and least favorites as well but Catch the Fox would go on the favorites list.

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