Capresso Glass Rapid Boil Water Kettle Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

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I received the Capresso Glass Rapid Boil Water Kettle to review. Which I have to say couldn’t have arrived at a better time. My son had come down with an end of summer cold/flu. When he is sick he loves to have Green tea with Starmint candy and honey in it to help clear his sinuses. So I usually have to microwave 3 mugs of water at a time for him so that he can have plenty on hand and I won’t have to make it every 5 minutes for him.

Well, the first day of his cold/flu the Capresso Glass Rapid Boil Water Kettle arrived. I put the water in and it was just perfect. I didn’t have to keep making his tea, he was able to sit in his chair and make it himself. Which he loved doing even though he wasn’t feeling well. He could make it when ever he wanted and it was ready in minutes. He was so thrilled that he could make his tea on his own and he started to feel better as well. He used it for the couple of days he was sick and felt so much better. It was so easy to use that he was able to fill it with the water and then bring it right by him so it was available when he wanted it.

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Two days later he was feeling better, but of course I came down with it so our Capresso Glass Rapid Boil Water Kettle has really been getting a workout between all of us taking turns being sick. I have to say it works so well, I just love the auto shut off as well in case you have med head and forget to turn it off. I’m looking forward to this winter as well. When we can make hot chocolate and other goodies to keep us warm this season. My son’s are so excited to be able to make their own hot drinks to stay warm when they want them.

It’s been wonderful for the family to make their own drinks and make my son’s more independent when they would like something to drink. The kettle is just perfect for the family, it holds 6 cups of water so that your ready for when your favorite drinks you can have them. I also love that my son’s can make their instant oatmeal all by themselves with it as well. It is really able to help make so many delicious drinks and foods for your family. Your children can be more independent and you will just love it as well. The family can have game night and make all their favorite drinks while they stay at their place at the game. Make life easier for yourself as well as your family with the Capresso Glass Rapid Boil Water Kettle. It would make the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Trust me, as I’m writing this review I am enjoying a nice cup of green tea and working on getting over my cold. The kettle has made my life so much easier while being sick. Let the Capresso Glass Rapid Boil Water Kettle make your life easier as well.

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