How To Make A Bun Wrap For Girls Hair #Hairstyles

There are so many new hair accessory styles, but right now one of the hottest styles is the Bun wrap for girls. They are just so adorable! You can easily make them and your daughter is going to look amazing.

This is a great tutorial on how to make this adorable Bun Wrap for your child. They are also perfect to make for gifts as well. You can add your child’s favorite characters or just give them some bling and they will be perfect. I just love the way that they are created and how adorable they look with so many new ways you can decorate them to give them different looks.

Now if you get addicted to making them and all the decorations that you can use, you can not blame me. I just showed you the tutorial. lol I’m going to be making some for my princesses and I can’t wait to see how they look on them! We would love to see your creations that you make from this tutorial. You can add them in the comments to show them to us.

If your daughter is in Ballet these are perfect for their classes, Cheerleading, and other sports that your child takes part in. They can wear them to school, special family get together, the holidays or just everyday. Your sure to find that once you make one you will want to make many more and people will ask you where you got them from. Happy Crafting!

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