Mr. Bucket Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Mr. Bucket Game

I received the Mr. Bucket Game to review with my kids. We took the Mr. Bucket out of the box and put it together. He is a little creepy without his eyes in place so I would put the Mr. Bucket together before showing the kids. There is a little assembly required with putting his eyes, hands and handle onto the Mr. Bucket. Then you put in your batteries to make him come to life. The batteries are not included.

Once I had Mr. Bucket all put together, I explained to the kiddos how we play the game. There were 4 of us so we all had our own colored balls and shovels that we use to scoop up our own colored balls with. We tested out Mr. Bucket to see how it would work before we started to play. I handed the kids each their shovels so that we were ready to play the game. The kids were having so much fun chasing around Mr. Bucket and having them throw their balls out and they had to chase them to get them back into the bucket. When they got all their balls in they had to grab the handle and pick up Mr. Bucket to win the game.

We played the game both inside and outside. The kids were just having so much fun that they continued to play all day and night with the Mr. Bucket. They each took turns playing and winning. They were laughing so hard that you couldn’t help but laugh with them. They were running around and wearing themselves out as well, which I have to say that I loved as well. lol The game was so easy that even my 2 year old grandson played the game with them.

Mr. Bucket would be the perfect game to keep the kids moving and having fun this winter. A Fun family game night that everyone will enjoy. I even had fun playing the game with the kiddos over and over again. It was just a blast to play with them and we just kept laughing the whole time. It would also make a great gift for a birthday or holiday as well. They will love it and play with it all the time! You can purchase Mr. Bucket at all your favorite stores as well as on Amazon. Let your children have a great time and they will be tired at the end of the night from having so much fun! What more could a parent ask for???

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