BRIO World Fire Station Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


The BRIO World Fire Station is just adorable! I received the BRIO Railway/ Fire Station to review. My grandson saw the box and he was ready to rip and tear it open. He wanted to play and have fun. He was such so cute! I asked him what the picture on the box was and he said “fire truck!..Vrooooooom, Vroooom!” We put the pieces together that needed to be, it was really easy to put together,then we were ready to play with the firehouse.

When we had it done my granddaughter’s wanted to play with us as well. We had asked them before we started but they said they didn’t want to. However, when we put it all together, and they saw it, they changed their minds. So we let them join in the fun, they were playing with the fire truck, the people and pretending they are fire fighters and going to rescue people. The girls brought over their people from their doll house so they could have someone to rescue. They sat and played together planning which person they would rescue next and if they would have a dog or a cat with them. They were just so adorable.

After they played for a while we went over fire safety as well. I used the fire house as part of the way to show them. We then started to play again, they played for a long time, and they played together well, which I have to say there is normally fighting. However, they were sharing being the fire fighter and who was going to get rescued. When I told them it was time for dinner, they were not happy with me. They wanted to keep playing so I had to tell them if they ate all their dinner they could play some more.

I have never seen the kids eat so fast so that they could get to play again. They played with the fire house till bedtime. We of course had to go look for some new people to rescue so we found some lego guys that fit the bill. The girls also decided to take some of their furniture to decorate the firehouse so that the fire fighters had some where to sit. It was so interesting to see how their little minds worked and why they wanted to do different things with the fire house. They have played with the firehouse everyday, since we opened the box. I don’t see them getting bored with this very soon. They are always bringing in new things to use or play with in the fire house. We watched a few movies with fire fighters in them and it gave them some new twists to use to play with the fire house.

Your little fire fighters will just love playing with the BRIO World Fire Station. It would make a great gift for a birthday or for a holiday gift as well. They will be so thrilled when they open it. I see hours of fun in their future when they start to play.

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