Breakfast Skillet Recipe

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This is one of my favorite breakfast treats! I don’t make it that often as I usually do not have time to make it other then on weekends. This breakfast is sure to be a family pleaser. If you have company for the weekend, making a skillet breakfast, Cinnamon Rolls, fresh fruit, coffee and juice will have them totally impressed and enjoying their stay.

I usually make the Skillet with this easy Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Bake and fresh fruit. It makes a hearty meal and our guests always rave about the meal. There are of course other options that you can make with this dish as well.


6 to 8 Potatoes peeled and cut up
1/2 Green Pepper cut up and seeded
1/2 Onion cut up
Olive Oil Or Canola Oil
8 Pre-cooked Sausage Links
10 Pieces Pre-cooked Bacon
Cheddar Cheese for on top of skillet


* Wash, Peel and cut all vegetables

* In a large skillet or Pot add Enough Olive Oil or Canola Oil to fry Potatoes, Green Pepper and Onion to a golden brown

* Place the cut up Sausage links and Bacon into the skillet and heat them up with the Potato mixture

* Place the Potatoes onto plates and set aside for a few minutes

* Scramble up 8 Eggs be sure to add a little milk to the eggs so they are fluffy

* Place the eggs on top of potatoes, you can top with cheese as well if you would like to

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