Boo The Fluffy Friend Review

boo fluffy friends 1

I received Boo The Fluffy Friend to review with my children. If you have not heard of Boo The Fluffy Friend, he is a finger puppet, and he is so cute! When I first saw him, I just loved that he glows in the dark! Boo has finger holes in his back that you use to make his mouth move up and down and he can hold his toy that he comes with in his mouth or you can have him hold other items that you want him to hold as well.

boo fluffy friends

As you can see he glows in the dark, you just let him sit by the light and he will even glow for you at night. They loved making Boo talk by using the finger holes to move his mouth. He can also have fun with the rest of his friends BadBad and YukYuk, they can put on a puppet show with their new chomping friends. They will make a great gift and you can purchase them in a 2 or 3 pack of friends as well so that you will have them all! The kids are going to love playing with Boo and all his friends. They are all just to cute!

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