Blue Elephant Caravan Quilt Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Petite Namaste has introduced this adorable Blue Elephant Caravan Quilt is beautifully made. The blocks are each hand block printed, an ancient technique where skilled craftsmen use carved blocks to stamp the fabric by hand. The process is lengthy and complex making each piece unique and special. Small spots and imperfections can occur from the printing process. These are not faults, instead they are reminders that each piece is handmade and no two pieces are alike. The blocks are made of seasoned teak wood. When the blocks are perfectly smooth and flat the design is traced onto the wood. The design is hand carved by a skilled artisan. A separate block is needed for each color of the design.

When I received the Elephant Caravan Quilt, I unfolded it and you could see all the work that was put into making the quilt. The stamping of the quilt blocks, the stitching of the quilt, the colors are very vibrant and bright. Your baby will love the beautiful designs and the bright colors of this quilt. Parents will love the thickness, quality of the quilt and the warmth it will provide their little angel. It will bring a beautiful color pattern and color scheme to fill their child’s room with.


The quilt is made of 100% cotton and is 48″ x 38″ in size. The photo really does not do the colors or the blocking justice. When you see it and touch it in person it’s so much prettier then the photo. My granddaughter loves elephants and always has to have a blanket or quilt with her. So it’s the perfect size to fit into her backpack to go with her when she is on the go or when she is at home. She just loves the colors as well as the quilt, she will not sleep without it. The soft quilt is cuddled, rubbed on her cheek to help her sleep and keeps her warm as well. She just loves the colors and traces the images of the elephants. It’s so adorable.

It would make the perfect gift for any child on your Christmas list, your grandchild’s room, or for your little angel who loves blankets and quilts. You can machine wash this quilt as well in cold water to keep it looking fresh as the day you received it. We have washed this quilt several times and it has come out beautiful and soft each time. I love that you can machine wash it with your like clothing and it will be pristine and ready for your next adventure.

It will be the perfect addition to any child’s room and life. The quality of the quilt, the colors, the craftsmanship of the quilt will make a beautiful addition to your home. Petite Namaste also offers a variety of child’s bedding, in a variety of colors and styles. perfect for every little prince or princess. They are high quality bedding that you and your child are sure to love. So if your soon to have a little bundle of joy be sure to add Petite Namaste to your shower gift list. You won’t be disappointed.

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