A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving Winter in New York

To many people of the world, the winters up in northern USA are pure insanity. With snow piled inches high and temperatures below freezing, it’s almost a wonder anyone gets through it unscathed.

Native New Yorkers are used to these temperatures; they’ve weathered these storms since they were born. But for those of us from elsewhere in the states, you might not know exactly what to expect from your first winter in NY. If you find yourself relocating up toward the big apple, remember these tips to keep yourself from (metaphorically and literally) getting buried beneath the snow.

1. Buy Thick Winter Clothes

You may think you know what winter feels like, but it’s better to be safe than miserable after stepping out in below freezing temperatures because you wore a coat that was too light. Far more important than fashion is function in this instance. Before winter hits, stock up on some specialized winter outerwear and clothes that can be layered. Think things like puffa jackets, chunky woolen jumpers and thick boot socks. You’ll need thermal gloves and underwear, and a hat thats padded to keep your head and ears warm. Long johns may seem like overkill now, but you’ll be so grateful to have them as winter sets in Long before November, stock up on things that’ll keep you warm. Not
everything will look cute, but as long as you don’t freeze, it’s done
what it needs to do.


2. Proper Footwear Is Important

Get yourself a proper pair of boots. Better yet, get yourself
a couple pairs. Sturdy boots coupled with a pair of thick socks will help you wade through snow and not get frostbite doing it. Your boots should also have a good grip. New York is a walking city, and you don’t want to fall flat on ice while trying to get a latté. Again, try not to worry about whether they’re fashionable. It’s far more important that they protect your feet.

3. Invest in Your Home

When you’re not out walking the New York streets, you’re probably going to be in your home trying to keep the heat going. During the winter, the moisture in and around your house or apartment can cause mold and fungus to grow. Take the time to have your home treated before the winter completely sets in and worsens the infestation. Focus on breaking the mold in Brooklyn , NY by investing in a company that’ll come look at your home and treat the mold that’s nestled into your property.

4. Be Careful Where You Stand

I can’t emphasize this enough: avoid standing next to intersections at all costs. Sure, it’s typically normal to stand at the intersection while you wait for the light to change so you can cross the street. But consider this, during the day all of the snow and slush will start to melt and will collect on the sides of the streets. This melted snow combines with everything else on the street including dirt. If a car drives past you while you’re standing at the corner, you’ll be sure to get covered from head to toe in cold, gray slush. Be smart and stand back from corners and sidewalk edges. A dry pedestrian is a happy pedestrian.

5. Snow Removal

Be aware of how snow is removed from your area. If you’re renting or in an apartment building, you’re lucky. You don’t have to worry about keeping the snow off of the sidewalks. That’s your landlord’s job. It’s them that you’ll complain to if the snow becomes a problem. If you’re a homeowner, you’re responsible for shoveling that snow yourself or hiring someone to do it for you. You want the area around your home to be clean and safe for you and others to walk on, so remember to shovel your walkway. Winter in New York can be brutal, but if you’re prepared, you can survive it just like a native.
When the snow finally starts falling, put your warmth before everything else and invest in the things that’ll keep you safe and happy.

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