Bat Cape Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


We received the Bat Cape from the Great Pretenders. We were so excited to see it when it arrived because my grandson is really in love with batman thanks to his Uncle.

I pulled it the bat cape out of the box and loved the feel of the material used to make it. It was very soft instead of most of the costumes that are scratchy to your skin. It was a thicker material and very well put together. I really liked that it will last for a long time even with a rough little guy. So I was really excited to put it on my grandson and let him run and pretend that he is batman. So I hid it behind my back and told him that I had a surprise for him. When I pulled it out from behind me, his little eyes lit up and he was so excited!

I put it on him and he was whirling around and around. He kept saying “I Batman!”. Then he started to run to his Uncle to show him his new cape. He ran to his uncle and said “BATMAN!” My son started to laugh and picked him up. They were running around playing and having a great time with the cape. It was really so cute to watch. He woke up the next morning and came running to me and said “Nana, I Batman!” so I got his cape and he was really excited, and he was off to play again once I put his cape on.

He has wore it everyday since it arrived and he just has so much fun playing Batman. I think we are going to need some more dress up outfits for him very shortly. So he can be maybe a Super Hero, Pirate, or maybe even the Dragon, or one of the other fun costumes. There are so many great choices for the child’s imagination to have fun with. They can have hours of fun playing and letting their imagination guide them on fun adventures. The fun will only be limited by their imagination. So the fun will never end because they can always go on a new adventure.

I have plans before it gets chilly outside to take my grandson for a photo shoot at one of our local parks. I want to capture his imagination in full force so that we have the pictures when he is older. I’m sure we will hear, Did you REALLY have to take all those pictures of me in that cape?” but “Yes, I sure did because you were so stinkin cute!” It’s have the fun of having children, getting all those adorable pictures of them when they are small because we cherish those memories. So even if when he gets older he cringes when he sees the photo’s I’m going to take, I will always get to remember my handsome little grandson having so much fun playing. Great Pretender’s offers so many fun and adorable dress up costumes that you will fall in love with them all and have to have them for your child!

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