Let’s Barter to get what we need done, need fixed and Everything in between!

Did you know that Bartering with your friends, family and others can save you more money then you realize! It could actually save you 100’s of dollars! No, I’m not kidding, it’s a great way to get your car fixed if something is wrong with it. Get a babysitter for a date night out, need something fixed around the house, or maybe something else done that you can’t do yourself? However you know someone who does do what you need done, but you can’t afford their prices? Try to barter to get it done, you would be amazed at how many people will take you up on your barter!

I LOVE to barter! It’s almost as much of an addiction with me as my coupons! lol No, I’m not kidding! I barter with my neighbors all the time. I have a gentleman that lives across the street from me. I asked him to help me fix my daughter’s ceiling in her room because it was leaking. I had my brother fix the leak so it’s taken care of but the ceiling needs to be redone and I am handy but not that handy. So he told me that if I watched his house while he was remodeling it in the evening when he was not home that he could do the labor for free! I kept an eye on his house for 3 weeks during his remodel and he is now going to help me to redo the ceiling in my daughter’s room, I just have to pay for the materials. Which I am going to be using coupons and rebates to do it. However, labor is the most costly of the project but I’m now getting free labor. I can tell you that it would have cost me about $700- $1,000 in Labor to have it all done! I like FREE a lot better!

I have another Gentleman that does my car work and it costs me a few dinners for the labor! (Plus the cost of the parts), I get free Mulberries every year in exchange for some jars of the Jam that I make with it. I Barter for Babysitters if I need one which is very rare, I break out my stockpile of Make-up and let them choose some that they like in exchange. I Barter for a lot of different things and I can tell you that I have saved more money this way then I can even think of. It really helps out the budget when you can barter for services or goods that your family needs. So next time before you go and pay for labor think of who you know that is handy for that job and discuss doing a barter and save your Budget!

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