Baby Shower Gift Guide


We are so excited to share with you our 2018 Baby Shower Gift Guide. We had several readers email and request that we show some great Baby Shower and products that Mom’s to be will need to make their new little bundles of joy happier and their lives easier so of course we were happy to find some amazing Baby Products that will make great gifts and be perfect for your own little angel.

As always we have found companies as well as products that you may not have known were available. I have to say that I can not wait to share all the wonderful products with you and see your reactions. There will be no more having the same Baby Shower Gift as someone else with these amazing gift ideas! Not to mention they are so adorable with the color choices, styles and the new Mom To Be is going to be thrilled to receive them! If your one of our Mommy’s To Be, Congrats and we can’t wait to show you all of these amazing Baby Products!

So let’s get started! You just click on the link in each box with the picture and it will take you to the review of the product. So that you will be able to read our reviews of each product that is shown. All of our reviews are our honest opinion of the product and if we found anything that we were not really a fan of with them as well.

dreampod bassinetKidco DreamPod Portable Bassinet 111716-GRAYBEAR-NOBOX_previewGray Love Stuffed Heartbeat BearDock A Tot1DockATot Grand Dock
grey-aqua-2Binxy Shopping Cart HammockOllie_World-143_grandeOllie World Swaddlepeapod-plusPeapod Plus Tent
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