Baby DeeDee Baby Sleep Nest Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Baby DeeDee sent us a Winter Baby Sleep Nest to review. By the way right now they are having a 20% off sale when you use the promo code: THANKSBABYDD at the checkout. Which will make it a warm winter for our little bundles of joys or make a great baby shower gift.

I received the Winter Baby Sleep nest and when I opened it up from it’s package, it was so soft and fluffy. The material was just baby soft and I loved the color of the Dream Blue that I received. It was vibrant and the perfect color for my grandson. We live in the Midwest and winters get cold to say the least, so we are always looking for comfortable warm clothing that we can use for the whole family. My grandson does not like the regular blankets usually so finding another alternative for him to stay warm at night was needed.

So the day I received the Winter Baby Nest I was wondering how he would take to it. He just turned one and is trying to get ready to run and is always on the go so I wasn’t sure how he would feel about the baby sleep nest. I was surprised that it went over really well. He really liked it, he normally fusses and cries when comforters but he did so well with the Baby Nest. He had plenty of room to move his legs around when he wanted to. He really liked the feel of the material of the baby nest as well, he was rubbing it as he drifted off to sleep. It was just so adorable! He did not sweat up a storm in the baby nest but he was warm during the night and he fussed less. I call that a win for him because he is usually up a number of times during the night and he did get more sleep when he wears the baby nest.

My grandson had gotten a cold right after I received the Winter Baby Nest and my daughter used it to keep him warm while he was sick as well. He was having chills from his cold and it helped to keep him warm without having to wrap him up which he hates. It really came in handy and after he was better she washed it and it was still so baby soft when it came out of the dryer. My grandson and daughter just love the baby nest, it has really helped my grandson to sleep better at night, keep him warm, and he loves to be in it. It’s the same as having a blanket on him without restricting him and his movements while he sleeps. He has really loved the feel of the material as well. The Baby Nest will make a great baby shower gift, gift for a baby for the holiday season as well. Let your little angels sleep in comfort, stay warm, and still be able to move around this winter.

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