AutoRight Steam Machine Review


I received the AutoRight Steam Machine. I was highly impressed with the attachments that it comes with to clean all the areas of your car. There are attachments for cleaning every nook and cranny of your car, truck or van. You could even use it to clean your boat or RV as well. The sky is really the limit with what it could clean. I even used it to clean some of the tools in the garage that were dirty and I wanted to remove the oil and other products that were on them so they would be shiny again.


I have to admit my van was a HOT MESS! We do a lot of traveling to and from Children’s hospital, taking the children around, at times I have the grandchildren, my kids, as well as my mom. The kids bring toys in the car to entertain them on the trips to Children’s. So it’s always a mess. I’m actually working on organizing a new “play station” so that they each have their toys by then and somewhere to keep them other then the seats, floor, and anywhere else they end up. So I was so excited when the AutoRight Steam Machine showed up and I can assure you I put it to the test of cleaning up after 11 people on the interior! I was up for the challenge and ready to get my grandkids footprints off the backs of the seats, fruit snacks out of the cup holders (They are NO longer allowed in the van!), and all their other messes.

I went to work on my van starting with the dashboard, I was amazed at how it made it come to life again. It really brought out the natural beauty again as I cleaned it and then I put some turtle wax product on it as well after I cleaned it. I then moved to the air vents and cleaned them. I took on the backs of the seats and got all the footprints off and I was amazed at how easily the dirt came off and make it look factory new again! I was so impressed! I then moved onto the, lord help, cup holders and door handles. I removed the fruit snacks but I was a tad worried that the sticky residue would not come out. I pulled out an attachment with the small strong bristles and steamed it and scrubbed at the same time. It came out and it wasn’t sticky anymore, you couldn’t even tell that fruit snacks had invaded them!

I moved onto the tires, the hub caps were dingy and had a black film on a coupe and the other looked fine other then some dirt. So I went to work on them and they came out so shiny and looked brand new. The windows were begging to be done next, now I have had stickers on my back windows (stickers that you use to mail and have your address on) Of course the kids thought they would look adorable on the windows as they had Mickey Mouse on them. UGH! So I was always worried I would take the tint off the windows if I tried to remove them. I was nervous but I tried the steamer and put the nozzle on and it worked like a charm! They are no longer on the window and my van looks amazing now that I cleaned the van with the AutoRight Steam Machine and then steam cleaned the seats and carpets. I am in love with my van again!

If you have been dreading cleaning your car, truck, van, boat or RV then your going to love the AutoRight Steam Machine. It would also make the perfect gift for anyone on your gift list as well! I can tell you that I put that machine to the test and it passed everything that I threw at it!

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