5 Tips to Keeping Deer Out of Your Garden

deer in garden

If you’ve set up your garden in deer territory, then you’re aware of the unique challenges that these furry creatures can bring. It’s a real battle that only a determined and wise gardener can win. There’s no denying it: these animals find your vegetables as tasty as you do. Besides, your garden’s roses, daisies, and geraniums are deer’s perfect dessert.

When it comes to keeping deer out of your garden, not every method is effective. Besides, you may need to do a lot of experimentation since every herd of these burgers eats differently. Here are some of the surest methods you can try to keep your garden deer-free.

1. Fence them Off

Fencing off your garden is probably the most effective and obvious way to manage deer. The good news is that you don’t have to use a carpenter to do this. Putting up a few rows of clear fishing wire is enough to keep deer from invading your garden.
Take the perimeter of your garden and string a row of a fishing line starting 2-3 inches from the ground. Repeat this at least three more times, making the rows of the wire about a foot apart. The result is a tall and almost-invisible fence. Since the deer can’t see the fence, they won’t attempt to jump over.

2. Remove Attractions from the Pond

If you have a pond on your garden, deer are going to find it attractive. They love water. They can drink and eat plants that ponds naturally produce. One of the ways to keep deer off is to set up a pond aerator. It not only keeps algae from growing on the water but also enhances your garden’s overall look.

3. Create Some Sounds and Sights

Unexpected sights and sounds can trigger the deer’s main defense against prey. For instance, stringing up CDs around your beautiful garden creates motion that’s strange to deer. Another way is to create a long and wide white flag that resembles deer’s tail. The deer will only see the figure but not an animal. As a result, they’ll spook.
Have you ever tried hanging up aluminum cans or pie tins? It creates unusual sound and visual. However, you’ll have to rotate different methods of spookiness on your garden for them to work. Otherwise, the deer will soon notice it’s just a prank and continue nibbling on your beautiful plants.

4. Plant Aromatic Solutions

Lavenders and marigolds have a strong aroma. Deer do not like the lavender smell since it stays on their legs, making it difficult for them to sense predators and find food within their environment. The astringent odor of marigolds also put off the furry burgers. Consider surrounding your little patch of heaven with a thick layer of these plants.

5. Religiously Use Deer Repellents

More often than not, gardeners say deer deterrents do not work. However, it’s due to human error and not the spray. The ultimate repellent is the one you apply religiously. Never skip an application and you’ll see results.
It’s quite a challenge to keep deer from destroying your most treasured plants. Fortunately, there are many methods you can use to stop these burgers in their tracks. If one method doesn’t work, then try combining them.

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Creative Trade Show Ideas

trade show1

With your Tradeshow booth from ExpoMarketing, all you need is an innovative idea to drive the point home. We’ve all been there, racking our brains trying to come up with something unique yet relevant. Giveaways have become so common that they are now mandatory, despite having an appealing booth the competition might still be stiff and in most cases, an excellent presentation is accompanied by creative ideas.

What do you opt for to make your presentation at a tradeshow memorable, or ‘Twitterable?’ ExpoMarketing, the leading trade show booth creator in the United States is here to guide you on some of the freshest, simple ideas you can incorporate to your presentation.

Who is ExpoMarketing?

We’ve all been to tradeshows and seen what sets the top players from the rest, a presentable booth. ExpoMarketing specializes in the creation of unique booths. With lots of bland stalls out there, it’s difficult to draw inspiration from the existing trade show display booths, that’s where ExpoMarketing comes in. How do you make a compelling, on-brand, and engaging booth even better? Where do you draw such motivation from? Before you erect your booth in the next tradeshow or conference, there are some significant changes you can implement to turn the masterpiece into a moneymaker. ExpoMarketing has scoured some of the best and worst expos and come up with the most creative ideas you can incorporate to your presentation.

Add a ‘Living’ Wall

In addition to the customizable booths from ExpoMarketing, you can add a living wall to your presentation. What is a living wall? A living wall can consist of foliage or plants. This is guaranteed to set you apart from the rest. In a jungle of corporate and bland booths, this idea will tip the scale to your favor.
Lure in your Target Audience with Seats

After going around and exploring other booths people in trade shows will appreciate the effort you put in to provide seats in your presentation. Spruce up the chairs with some eye-catching stuff such as elegant furniture or a snack. Give the attendees a break, and it will, in turn, become memorable to your prospective clients.

Element of Repetition

The key is to avoid overdoing it. Although repetition is one of the keys to successful marketing, you need to strike the perfect balance. In trade shows, you can arrange your products in such a way that the customer sees plenty of choices each viable than the last. This can be done by arranging the products on top of each other in a mixed pattern. This encourages browsing, browsing increases exposure, which eventually leads to buying.
Integrating Overhead Hangings
Drawing the attendees’ attention upwards makes the booth seem larger. With the right hanging in place, you can draw the attention of attendees from a distance. Other ideas you can use to increase the exposure of your service or products to the attendees is the use of a closed space. Closed spaces induce curiosity and also cut off distractions from background noise common in trade shows. They also deliver an intimate feeling which could lead up to a better client-company connection.

Why choose ExpoMarketing

Trade show booths are excellent for wrapping up your presentation. Nevertheless, it’s essential to get one from an experienced brand. Time is a crucial factor to consider in any business, renting or purchasing a booth from an experienced brand saves you not only money but also time. Ultimately, you should never feel like you are just getting a booth.

There should be some company-client relationship where they take you through the importance and significance of each feature in the booth. ExpoMarketing has taken the time to nurture a client-brand connection, and the result is successful trade shows. Some companies offering booths for rental limit the features on their booths as opposed to booths being sold, at ExpoMarketing, the same effort is focused for both cases.

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6 Tips to Help Your Children Get Along Better

kids playing with bubbles

Does it seem like your children’s bickering has reached an all-time high?
First, you should know this is completely natural. It’s normal for children to have periods where they get along and periods where they can’t be in the same room. Sibling rivalry is a real thing.
But that doesn’t mean you’re powerless.

Here are 6 tips to help you help your children get along better.

1. Encourage separation
When your kids are going through a spell where they can’t seem to get along, encourage them to separate. This may seem like a simplistic answer, but space can help your kids appreciate their time together.

2. Engage in team building activities
If you’ve ever been on a corporate retreat, you’ve probably engaged in team building activities. These could include things like trust falls, group puzzles, or anything that encourages people to work together for a common goal.
When your kids are working together, there are more likely to get along. To up the ante a bit, organize an activity where the kids are playing against the adults.

3. Stay out of arguments
It’s easy to get sucked into the drama of an argument, but resist the urge. Your kids need to learn how to battle it out for themselves. Getting involved could put you in a position where you’re deciding to punish one child or another. And especially when you were not present for the entire dispute, this can be very dangerous. Whenever possible, stay out of it.

4. Avoid comparisons
When one child isn’t acting right, it’s tempting to compare his behavior with the siblings. What can’t you be more like your brother? But these types of questions and comparisons can cause a rift between you and the child. They can also increase animosity among siblings. Instead, praise each child for things they do well and correct behavior whenever necessary.

5. Encourage healthy communication

Set clear ground rules for your children. Each child should understand how you expect them to communicate with one another. This can help avoid things like name calling and saying hurtful things. These things will still happen, but with some luck, not as much.

6. Lead by example
You cannot expect your children to communicate well when you’re not doing the same. This is important to remember in your communications with them and with others. Show them what it’s like to resolve conflict in a healthy and productive manner. They should see this whenever there’s a conflict with a spouse a friend or anyone else in your life. And if there are issues within the family, understand that they will impact the children. In the case of substance abuse, remember that you can involve everyone with a family intervention.

Even though sibling rivalry is completely natural, it doesn’t have to take over your life. Try these 6 tips to help your kids get along better and to have more peace in your home.

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4 Tips to helping your child prepare for school

kids in classroom

Going to school is an exciting and scary time for both parent and child as it is a new environment. School is a great opportunity for the child to grow and develop. It is a new stage in the child’s life and requires adequate preparation to ensure that the child is ready for this new experience. Below are a couple of tips which you can use to help your child get ready for this chapter in life.

1. Label their items with custom stickers

School grants children the opportunity to be independent and to make decisions by themselves. They also learn to be responsible while at school as they have to learn to take care of their things. Training them at home to pack their bags and take care of their things will also take place at school. An easy way to help them remember and identify their items is through the use of custom stickers which they can use to label what is theirs. These are available online since you can get Custom Stickers from Stickeroo at an affordable price. All these activities will collectively help your child to be responsible.

2. Encourage them to make new friends

Your child may get nervous at the school since it is a new environment with individuals that they do not know. Beforehand, therefore, train them to interact with other kids in the neighborhood so that they can learn to make new friends. This will boost their confidence and will grant them the courage they need to speak up and reach out to other children first. Doing this will help them make friends with ease once they get to school.

3. Attend orientation with them

If the school has an orientation session before the opening date, it is wise to attend this with them. This will grant you the opportunity to know the school’s routine, as well as enable you to meet the school staff and know the teachers who will be handling your child. The orientation will help your child to get a feel of the school and to know their way around. It will also help them get acquainted with his or her teacher as well as with other children that your child will be sharing a class with. This will help them have a friend before school and they will thus not feel alone during the first day.

4. Encourage them to behave themselves

Children need to be constantly reminded to behave well and to be nice to the other children. To prepare them for school, teach them the importance of listening to their teacher’s instructions and to behave well in class. Show them how important it is for them to behave properly and to be nice to the other children in school. Encourage them to be orderly, clean and tidy and to do their school work well. This way, everyone will have an easy time.

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4 Tips To Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

chilly people in their home

Winter is on the way. Homeowners all over the United States are working round the clock to keep their homes warm and their families healthy this cold season. However, preparing your home for winter can be expensive. How do you keep your family warm without blowing the energy bill?
Here are four handy tips to keep your home warm this winter.

1. Use Heavy Curtains
Covering your windows properly is a great way to ensure that heat does not escape from your home during the cold season. Up to 40% of the heat loss that occurs in your home leaks from the windows. Invest in some heavy drapes to give your home extra insulation.
During the day, when the sun is out you can open your windows to let some warm air in. Shut your curtains immediately it starts getting dark in order to keep the warmth inside the rooms.

2. Seal All The Cracks And Gaps
Unsealed cracks and gaps can raise your energy bill by 30% or even more. This is because most of your heated air slips through the cracks and gets wasted. Ensure that you inspect the interior and exterior walls of your home.
Seal all the cracks and gaping holes to protect your home from air leaks. Inspect the window frames and doors as well. Fill the gaps with spray foam insulation that is specifically designed for doors and windows.
Seal cracked basement floors and walls. Check your supply ducts. Ducts are one of the top causes of a leaky home. Ensure that all air duct problems are repaired before winter so that they do not interfere with the heating and cooling efficiency of your home.

3. Place Rugs On Wooden Floors
Hardwood floors are beautiful and can enhance the appearance of your house. However, during winter, wood floors can get extremely cold because they let the heat escape. To counter this, place a rug on the floor. This will help keep your feet warm on the floor surface and also, the rugs provide extra insulation which keeps the entire house warm.
You can place your rugs along the entryways but ensure that you do not step on the rugs with wet shoes as you enter the house since they can absorb moisture and make the temperatures in your house worse.

4. Buy A Humidifier
A humidifier is a lifesaver during winter. When the weather turns cold, kids become more vulnerable to those dreaded coughs and sniffles that feel like they are never-ending. A humidifier provides a natural option by adding moisture to the air and this greatly reduces dryness in the throat, sinus headaches, bloody noses, and allergies during winter.
There you go; four tips to keeping your home warm this winter. Are you looking for the best humidifiers for children and babies? At How To Home, you will find a comprehensive guide to choosing one for a baby, the pros and cons of each humidifier and the best pick for a household with small children.

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Freezer Meals to make with leftover Ham #FreezerMeals #HamMeals #HamRecipes #Easter


There are a lot of great recipes that you can make and freeze with leftover Ham from Easter. So I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Ham & Cheese Homemade Hot Pockets

Pizza Dough
1-2 cups chopped ham
slices of American Cheese
bag of Frozen Broccoli

Take the dough roll it out to a small circle, add some ham pieces, slice of cheese and a couple pieces of Broccoli. Then fold in half and take a fork and close the edges on both sides. Be sure not to over stuff or they will leak. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes on a greased cookie sheet. Let them cool and put them in Sandwich bags to freeze individually. Then just take one out and heat them in the Microwave till hot and serve.

Here are some more recipes that you can use as well:

Ham & Scalloped Potatoes

6 potatoes
1 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 cup of Ham
1/2 cup of Milk

Clean and slice the Potatoes, You can leave the skin on or remove it, Then in a freezer bag, just throw the potatoes in and Ham, then mix in the Cream of Mushroom Soup. (Do not add the Milk to it till you cook the dinner.

Ham and Macaroni and Cheese (from the oamc digest)

8 oz. elbow macaroni
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
3 cups shredded cheese
2 cups cubed ham
2 cups thin white suace (recipe follows)

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Cook macaroni and drain. Place half of the macaroni in and 2 qt casserole dish. Sprinkle with half the cheese. Add all of ham. Top with remaining macaroni and cheese. Pour white sauce over casserole. Cover and bake for 30 minutes.

THIN WHITE SAUCE (for macaroni and cheese)
1 Tbsp. margarine
1 Tbsp. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1 cup milk

Melt butter. Blend in flour, salt and pepper. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is smooth and bubbly. Remove from heat. Stir in milk. Heat to boiling, stirring constantly. Boil and stir 1 minute. Use as directed in recipe for macaroni and cheese.

Notes from a tired oamc cook (don’t know who this was!): I was tired and worn out at this point. I decided that the Ham and Macaroni and cheese would have to be a SAR (Some Assembly Required) meal. I placed three cups of cheese in a qt. size freezer — then I placed 2 cup bag another qt size freezer bag. I placed a rubber band around these and froze them. At meal time – I will use this recipe. I will stir in the ham before baking.

The following recipes are from “Dinner’s Ready” by Andrew Schloss and Ken Bookman, a “chain cooking” cookbook, where you make completely different meals out of leftovers from previous meals. These look good. Where there is a leftover used, I posted that recipe too, in case you wanted to do it their way or adapt these recipes.

Here are some more great recipes:

* Delicious Ham & Potato Soup

* Ham & Cheese Ziti

* Cheez Ham & Potato Bake

* Ham & Bean Soup

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Instant Glam Styling Head Doll Review #Christmas Gift Guide

aiyana doll

I received a Instant Glam Styling Head Doll to review. I saw them at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair in Chicago. I saw the Instant Glam Styling Head Doll and instantly fell in love with them! There were many reasons that I fell in love with them, and why so many were flocking to their booth to see the Styling Head Doll as well.

When I arrived at the booth I hung back and watched how the kids reacted to the Instant Glam Styling Doll. The kids were going crazy over the Instant Glam Styling Doll, they were just loving this Doll. I was talking to the kids to see what they liked about the doll, they loved that it had hands that moved so you could paint it’s nails, other styling head dolls do not offer this feature. They loved that they were not stuck with one type of hair color, they could do wild and sassy hair styles on the Instant Glam Styling Doll head. They loved that they could get as creative as they wanted with this Styling Doll Head and be able to change it again as often as they wanted. They also loved that they could purchase other hair colors for the Styling Doll Heads as well.

cae doll

The Instant Glam Styling Doll Heads are not your typical Styling Doll heads! Your child can remove their hair completely and start from scratch to have any hair style that they want from blonde to wild colors like Purple, pink, and Blue to mention a few of the colors. They can mix and match any colors that they want and even do a rainbow hair style if they would like. The hair comes off and goes back on with ease and it’s easy for all age children to play with. Teens were loving the Instant Glam Styling Doll Heads as well because they offered such a variety of hair color choices. They were playing as much as the younger children and having as much fun as them as well. They were all wanting one for Christmas and asking their parents to get them a Instant Glam Styling Doll Head.

One of my biggest things that I loved, well their were actually two things that I loved the most about these dolls. The first being that they have black Instant Glam Styling Doll heads! They are just the most adorable dolls as well and they had many different hair types for them as well. Having Bi-racial grandchildren I am always on the lookout for companies who make black dolls as well as white dolls. However, most of the time black dolls do not always come out looking the way they should. The Instant Glam Styling Dolls have the most beautiful black dolls I have found so far for my princesses! I just loved the hair, the facial features, just everything about them. The second thing that I absolutely loved is the passion that the Doll creators have for their dolls. They take so much pride in them, you can see how they light up when they are showing how they work, how the kids can play with them, how much they wanted them perfect for their customers. It really showed when they were at the fair. They took so much pride in each doll that they made and how they put them together because they wanted children to enjoy them for a long time. Their excitement is what got people flocking to their booth and wanting to purchase the Instant Glam Styling Doll Head along with how adorable they are and how many options they offered for the Doll Heads. Kudos to them for their hard work on these beautiful dolls, they did an amazing job on them!

If you have been looking for a Styling Doll head for this holiday season for your princess to play with. I can tell you that I would choose Instant Glam Styling Head Doll every time!

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5 Tips to Painting with Your Kids

kid painting1

Parents strive to find time to spend with the kids despite their busy schedule. Nowadays, it can be hectic to find ample time to bond with your little ones. Some of the extra-curricular activities such as painting provide a good platform to bond and educate your young ones. Painting with kids can be a little messy and hectic, but there is always a way to make it fun and less hectic. We have compiled a list of ideas that will make it easy and fun for you and the kids. They include:

1) Diamond Painting
This is a great way to engage your child without having to worry about the paint mess, and Pretty Neat Creative will give you all the tips to help you achieve the most colorful results. It provides your child with a platform to develop their cognitive, organization and engagement skills. They are only required to place the tiny crystals that come with the package on the canvas to create colorful and neat patterns. The best feature about this option is that you get to hang it on your wall or in their rooms. It is an easy and less anxious way of introducing your child to art.

2) Lower Viscosity Paint
Do not expect a kid to work with the same type of paint an experienced painter will. Low viscosity paint is recommended for younger learners because it will allow smooth brushing over the paint with close to or zero resistance. Children love fun and less stressful activities. High viscosity paint will be a bit of a challenge discouraging them to indulge again. It also provides room for brush movements experimenting.

3) Different Brushes
Do not limit your kid to one brush only. Introduce them to the concept that every tool has its role in any given task. They will learn to use different brushes based on what they want to achieve. You can introduce them to a brush by briefly explaining what the brush does for every painting.

4) Engaging Talks
Engaging your kid during this process is important. It helps create a good foundation for them to remember. Let it not be only your ideas that the kid incorporates in the painting. Engage them to know what they would love to paint. Give them a platform for them to share their ideas. This approach will also make it easy for you to educate them on the basic painting skills. They are likely to pay attention to what you will say if you extend the same courtesy. It is a great bonding experience that will make them look forward to the next session.

5) Prepare Your Working Space
There is a minimal chance that a kid will be as neat as a grown up. They will want to run around trying to show you how great they did with the painting. This can end up becoming messy on your floor, table, and even clothes. Most parents will tape a paper to be used during painting on a stationary board to limit movements. You can also dress them in old clothes and lay down an old rug to avoid spilling.

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Make your own drink coasters craft directions DIY #Thanksgiving #DIY


I found this great craft that I thought I would share with you all. You and your children can make several different types you can make. There are Kid designed, Tile coasters, Greeting-card coasters, Photo coasters, and T-shirt Coasters. Find out how to make them here.

You can make the perfect holiday coasters, to match your decor, or any other type you would like to make. You could make some special ones to use just for holidays, you could use special Christmas cards to create them. There are so many ways to create these coasters and the best part is you can make them with your whole family so they can be treasured for many years and make wonderful memories for your family as well.

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