Allure Convertible Satchel Beige Bag For Mom’s On The Go Review #MomOnTheGo


I received the Allure Convertible Satchel Beige Bag, from TWELVElittle. I thought that when it arrived it would be your typical bag for the mom on the go a few pockets a large open middle section and a pocket or two on the outside of the bag. You know those bags where you can fit a lot in the middle section of the bag and the one big pocket in the back but the rest of the bag you can barely fit in what you need. I figured it would be the normal, if you have multiple kids, your going to need more then one bag type of bags. I use to dread going places with 3 kids, there was NEVER enough room in the bag for everything you need. Then when I had child number 4, I changed over to a back pack as the kids could carry their own.

I however, wish I had the Allure Convertible Satchel Beige Bag when my kids were little! I was amazed with all the space and the pockets that the bag had! There are two pockets in the front of the bag that stick out, a zipper pocket above those, and that’s just the front! Wait for it! You have a large zipper on the bottom of the bag for soiled clothing, another large zipped pocket in the back of the bag. Oh you would think I was done with the pockets wouldn’t you? No, there is even more storage, two zipped pockets on each side of the bag, they would be perfect for carrying bottles standing up! Then I moved to the inside of the bag and there are 4 pockets that you can stick diapers, wipes, pacifiers, socks or mom’s can put their needed items in there. There is another zipper pocket on the inside that is perfect for pens, a book or anything else that you would like to have with you. Am I done??? No, there is also a great changing pad inside as well. Double handles on the bag so you can use the shoulder strap or use the handles. The bag is made of a water resistant coated smooth nylon with leather trim.


You will be able to be the stylish mom on the go, have room for all your needs as well as your child’s. You won’t have to worry about “where am I going to fit this in the bag!” The Allure Convertible Satchel Beige Bag gives you room for all of your needs. Your going to love this bag! I still can’t get over how nice the Nylon feels as well as the leather trim. This is a quality bag that will hold up to all your needs! You can purchase the Allure Convertible Satchel Beige Bag online, or at retail stores such as Best Buy, Babies R Us, Nordstrom, and Giggle. Be the comfortable mom on the go and have everything you need at your finger tips, well as long as you remembered to pack it!

Disclosure: I received the Allure Convertible Satchel Beige Bag to review this product so that I could review it. All opinions of the Allure Convertible Satchel Beige Bag are mine or my families.

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  1. Sandra Watts says:

    Wow tons of storage room in that bag. Very nice to have.

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