Adults can have Fun for Halloween Too!

Yes, this is me, but not at my finest as you can tell. lol I made my costume and had a great time doing it! As you can tell I have a bit of a warped sense of humor at Halloween. 🙂

However, 2 years ago I used this Costume to win a Jacuzzi Suite at one of our local hotels! We used it for our Anniversary. We had a great night out, and I got to have a great free night in a $350 suite for our anniversary as well! Not to Shabby if you ask me! Talk about a frugal Date night!

Why should all the kids have a great time and we don’t? I’m already working my warped mind on what I will be this year! I feel another Jacuzzi Suite coming on!

There are a lot of places that offer lots of freebies, prizes and cash for their Halloween Bashes. So figure out your costume and get your warped mind working in over drive and see what freebies, prizes or cash you can win!

Key is not to spend a lot to make your costume. Check your local Goodwill, Salvation army and other stores to come up with it. Dress you children up to match your Costume if you would like to so you all match for Halloween. Most of this Costume did come from the Goodwill. With the exception of the bloody Window cling that is around my “babies” head. The scabs I also got from Walmart and put on with super glue, the fake blood I got at Goodwill, The mice with fur that are glued on the dress and plastic spiders as well. I also glued sticks from outside and leaves on it so that it looked like I just came out of the ground. lol Had leaves from outside in my ratted up hair. It was just a sight to see!

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