Action Plates Super Hero Drawing Playset Review


You may remember playing with the Fashion Plates drawing set when you were a child. Well, they have now come out with a set for boys! The Action Plates Drawing Playset will let your child create their own super hero’s and they will color them the way they want. It comes with several plates that they can interchange and make new designed super hero’s that they can use to save the world or battle the villains.

If you had the Fashion Plates you know how much fun it was to create different fashion looks for all the different girls. Changing it to be just what you envision. It’s the Same with the Action Plates Super Hero, you can change their hair color, their super hero suits that they wear, the sky is the limit and your only limited by your own creativity. It’s the perfect winter day activity when it’s to cold to go outside to play in the snow. They will have ours of fun just making new super hero’s and they could also cut them out and put them on a foam board to make them stable to create their own super hero universe.


My son’s came up with so many new super hero’s and I loved hearing about where they thought each one came from. What their super powers were and who they were going to save and who their villain they were battling were. They had a whole plot about each super hero they created and we put them on foam board so that they could create a super hero universe. We built some buildings from foam boards and a town for them to save and live in. We had so much fun with the Action Plates Super Hero drawing set. The boys have been playing with it daily and just love the new super hero’s and having them creating new fun for them.


They are already asking if they can bring it in the car on the trip to Grandma’s house as it’s a 3 hour drive and they want to do that while we drive there. I thought it was a great idea, it’s compact, the pieces are great for traveling. I won’t be hearing “Are we there yet???” every two minutes. I think it’s a win for traveling, the boys are excited to create on the way there and they can’t wait to show her everything that they have created on the ride there. It’s the perfect time for them to have fun and they will be quieter as well. I can see this being a great trip to grandma’s and they will have a great time and not realize that they just made new super hero’s for the 3 hour ride. They can also decorate Grandma’s fridge when we get there with their super hero’s as she loves to have their new creations on there. The boys are always so proud of themselves as well because Grandma put them on the fridge so that anyone who visits will see them.

Action Plates Super Hero Drawing Playset will make a great gift for a birthday, the holiday season, or just for your child to be creative with. They are sure to have hours of fun and you can help them be as creative as they want to be. Help them build a town for their super hero’s to live in, ask them about what their super powers are and have a great time connecting with your child/children like I did.

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