A Trip to our Local Fruit and Vegetable Market (and Video)

Lower your computer Volume before you Watch the Video.
I took my daughter to the Flea Market and Fruit & Vegetable Market yesterday. I brought my Camera with me as you can see. I thought I would get some footage of how our fruit Markets work here and how I can get Cases of Fruits and Veggies for any where from $1-$3 a Case. The Video shows about 20 minutes before they were closing so the case prices started out at $5 for a case of Strawberries and $7 for a Case of Grapes.

They also were selling others for a $1 each. About 10 minutes before closing the prices dropped down to the $1-$3 a case but I didn’t get to video that as our arms were full and if you don’t move when they start lowing the prices that much you don’t get the produce. So this is what I picked up.

Case of Strawberries $3 (8 containers)
Case of Cantaloupe $2 (8 Cantaloupe)
Case of Apples $2 ( About 20 lbs or more)
20 oranges $2
1 Zucchini $.50
1 Seedless Watermelon $1
Case of Mango $2 (10 Mango)
5 Multi-Colored Peppers $1
3- 5lb bags Red Potatoes $1

For all that I purchased I only spent $14.50

If I had purchased it in the store I would have spent WAY over this amount. What will I do with all this fruit? I will be making a couple of fruit Salads (freezing some of it for later) The cantaloupe that is left I will be freezing it so that when the kids want it I will be have it fresh. The Apples I will be making Apple Butter with and Apple & Zucchini Bread as well as muffins.

The Strawberries will be used for Crepes this week, Strawberry muffins, and then I will freeze the rest after I make the fruit salads. The different colored Peppers will be used for Pepper Steak for this weeks menu. So the $14.50 will stretch far for many different meals and other fruit needs. It’s great to make the some of our canning before it’s so hot outside that I don’t want to heat up the house. Not that I don’t any way but this will mean less of it to do. 🙂

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