Yoga Helps Children With ADHD To Focus

I have to say that having a child with ADHD, it has always made me wonder if medication was the best route to go. My son was diagnosed at 2 years old with ADHD, I was surprised to hear the Dr. tell me that he was not one who liked to diagnose children with ADHD. He thought it was being overly used he stated. He then told me that in my son’s case he had no choice but to diagnose him with ADHD.

Their are very few medications for children to use at that age. So I did at the time agree to try the one he recommended. However, after my son taking the medication for a week he was worst on the medication then he was off. So I called the Dr. and stated that I wanted to remove the medication. The Dr. then agreed that if it was increasing the problems that it was a good idea. However, I thought well now what do we do to help him? My son was one that you could change things and they would be better for about a week, then after the week it was back to where he was or worst. So I had to find a way to help him because he couldn’t even watch a T.v. commercial because he couldn’t focus long enough.

I started to do searches on different things we could try and see what worked. I found an article on how yoga helps with children who have ADHD. I have to say that I was thinking to myself “How could Yoga help with ADHD???” However, I was willing to try it to see if it would actually help because at worst case scenario he got in more exercise for the day.

We started our first week, and we could start to see improvement. I wasn’t getting my hopes up as different things worked the first week but when it came to the 2nd week it stopped working. I had him doing different Children Yoga exercises as we had a Yoga channel for Children, so he was animals, he was letters, and other yoga exercises. It came to the second week and we were doing yoga twice a day, once in the morning and once in the later afternoon. It was still working, he was getting more and more focused. He could watch an actual T.v. show, play with a toy for more then 5 minutes, he could actually finish a sentence and stay on topic. He was doing really well.

I can say that if we missed our morning or afternoon Yoga sessions, you could really tell the difference. I had a Dr’s appointment with my older son that took most of the day. So we missed our morning and afternoon session due to the appointment. When his dad came home from work he looked at our son and said “I take it we didn’t do Yoga today?” I said “Yes, we didn’t have yoga today.” As I looked into our living room and our son was just bouncing off the walls as I was trying to make dinner and keep an eye on him at the same time. I can say that at that point we tried to never miss another Yoga session.

If you have a child that is ADHD or very hyper you may want to try Children’s Yoga once a day. You may not see improvements till the 2nd week of them doing the exercises but it is really worth trying since the worst case scenario they will get extra exercise. If you try Yoga with your Child let us know how they did and if it helped your child as well.