Bumbleberry Farms Molten Lava, Maple, Sticky Buns, and Salted Caramel Honey Cream Review

honey cream1

I was so excited when the Bumbleberry Farms Molten Lava, Maple, Sticky Buns, and Salted Caramel Honey Cream arrived. It came in the cutest little box. It just happened that we were sick when it arrived and to boot I had run out of honey from making the whole family Green Tea with Star Mint candy melted in it with honey to get them feeling better. So I was so excited that I didn’t have to run to the store to get more honey. Talk about perfect timing. I had also been arguing with my youngest son that he needed to drink his tea. (He can be a joy when he is sick!)

I was so excited to have the different flavored honey cream arrive when it did. So I took my son’s tea from him and I put in some Molten Lava in his tea and he DRANK it! Thank you Bumbleberry Farms because getting that boy to drink his tea is like pulling teeth! He asked for more with of course the Molten Lava Honey Cream in it! Then he took a nap, so I was thrilled with that! We all loved it, the Molten Lava was sweet, Chocolate goodness! It was just perfect! The boys wanted some toast so I put the Molten Lava Honey Cream on it and they were loving it! It made our whole sick family feel better!

I have to say the flavors for Honey Cream are just amazing! They had a rich flavor and they have such a comfort feeling to them when you put them on toast, in tea or coffee, such a feeling of this is a great comfort food to have in my cabinet! We have tried the different flavors and each tastes so delicious! I can not wait to try even more flavors. We will also be using them in some great recipes as well! We will substitute the sugars in recipes for the Honey Cream. There are so many wonderful recipes, breakfast dishes and drink recipes that you could use the Bumbleberry Honey Cream in!

You can get these great flavored Bumbleberry Farms Molten Lava, Maple, Sticky Buns, and Salted Caramel Honey Cream and find so many new ways to use them. Your family will thank you and wonder where you found these amazing flavors to create your desserts, breakfasts or that amazing tea or coffee they are drinking. Bring your friends and family the comfort of Bumbleberry Farms Honey Creams!

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Tired Of High Cable Bills? Let Google Chromecast Streaming Player Bring You All Your Entertainment! #Ad @BestBuy @madebygoogle

google streaming device

Are you tired of all the high cable bills your paying and all the wasted money that your giving them? I have to tell you that last year I was paying over $250 a month for Cable, phone and internet. When my contract came up for that year to be done. I changed our cable bill! I was like I must have lost my ever loving mind paying that much for Cable, phone and internet! So I changed what we had, I got rid of the cable all together!
I canceled the cable t.v., I kept our phone and then went with the internet package as well, the rest they could keep!

So I decided that we were going to be streaming all of our T.v. and movie from apps. There are a TON of apps that you can use and many are free! Some of the apps cost a little bit but nothing close to what I was paying for cable! We have Netflix for which I pay $14 a month but there are cheaper plans available. I went with that plan because 4 people can watch different things on their tablet, t.v. or other devices like the Google Chromecast Streaming Player it can bring your T.v. to life and at a much cheaper cost for your wallet! There are so many free apps that you can use with the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player. There is Terrarium TV,YouTube, YouTube Tv, and so many more! I can’t believe how many different apps are free to use! The amount of TV shows, movies and other things that you can watch are amazing!

I love that You can use the Google Chromecast Streaming Player to have all the entertainment you want from music, T.v shows, movies and so much more. The things you can use the Google Chromecast Streaming players has more options than cable ever did! Not to mention the savings for your family as well! I also love that you can talk to the Google Chromecast Streaming Player and it will do what you ask it to from putting on your favorite app to playing your favorite song and all very easily. Your family is going to love that your getting more entertainment for your money! You can purchase Google Chromecast at your local Best Buy Store and get streaming right away! All your entertainment is just one tap away so get your entertainment streaming started today and get rid of your high cable bills!

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Free Pumpkin Stencils #Pumpkin #Halloween


There are so many great free stencils that you can use to make some great pumpkins with your family. I have included some of my favorite sites that offer free stencils for you to print out and use to make your pumpkins. I know it’s going to be difficult to chose which ones to use as there are so many great ones. I suggest picking up a few more pumpkins to keep the fun going for the Halloween season!

We are doing several pumpkins this year and we are using glow in the dark paint. This way they will show in color during the day and then come evening they will glow the images in the dark. We are using the stencils as a way to know where to paint. So this is a great option as well for the Halloween season. Once your finished you can put them on your porch or in your windows for everyone to enjoy.

* Sugar Skull Stencil, Deer Stencil, Zombie Stencil and many more

* Elmo Stencil, Haunted Pirate Ship Stencil, Thomas The Tank Stencil and more

* 100’s of Pumpkin Stencils

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Vivitar DRC-330 Air Defender Drone Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Vivitar Drone

We received the Vivitar DRC-330 Air Defender Drone to review. I told my son’s that I had a surprise for them to help me with. So of course as always they wanted to know what they would be helping with and what was in the box I was holding. I told them we would open it after lunch. So we sat down to lunch and they ate really quickly and said “Okay, we are ready to help mom!” I had to laugh because it was about 5 minutes and they were done with lunch. Can you tell they get excited to help me??? lol

So we took the box outside and I opened it. The boys were so excited about seeing how the drone worked. I took out the batteries that I had already charged and the Vivitar DRC-330 Air Defender Drone. I got the Drone ready and they were so excited that they were going to get to try it. I gave the remote to one of my son’s. We have a field that is just a block or two away from our house so we went there to fly the drone because it was their first time and I didn’t want it to land on top of the house. So I told them how it works and what they needed to do. It was simple enough for them both to use with no problems.

My son had the Drone flying and I had put in the Micro SD card as well so that I could have him take some photos. They were having so much fun! They had the whole field to fly the drone over so they were just having a blast. They were amazed at how high the drone would go and how easy it was to land it. They were taking photos as well, those did not come out so well. Not by any fault of the drone’s camera, the boys were still trying to figure out how to fly it and use it so they came out blurry because it was moving all over the place when they were trying to take pictures. So I wasn’t expecting great first photos by any means. The boys were just having so much fun with the Drone, I was loving watching them play with it.

I did take the Drone out by myself, because you know that I had to try it for the review. Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL! So I went to the field and I was flying the drone. I had no problems flying it or landing it. I was able to take photos from the drone camera as well and they came out great. I had both batteries with me so I was having a lot of fun with it! I was able to land it on the field with no problems, since it was my first time I figured I would crash it but no, it landed easily. I have used it several times and each time I get better and better with flying it and the pictures are coming out great! I’m thinking of trying to take some fun fall photos of the family with the drone and seeing how they come out. I have some personalized gifts that I would love to use the pictures for!

The Vivitar DRC-330 Air Defender Drone would make a great Christmas gift! Not only for Children but also for adults! You can find the Drone at Walmart, Target, Staples, and several other stores. It’s a great gift for that hard to buy for person because there are so many ways to use it!

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Roto Rooter Helps All Your Plumbing Clog Issues #Ad

Roto Rooter gel

I can honestly say that with 4 kids and 5 grandkids, our drains are always
getting clogged. The little ones for some reason think it’s a great idea to take little pieces of toilet paper and put them in the sink from the toilet paper roll. They shred it and put it in and it builds up in the drain. Then of course I get to figure out what they did to clog the drain. I grab the bottle of Roto Rooter because I know that it will clear the clog and have the drain cleared in no time. It has saved our drains a number of times after the little stinkers have clogged it.

My daughter who has now figured out that you need to run hot water when draining hamburger you just cooked before draining has clogged the kitchen sink a number of times. I keep telling her that you can not drain the hamburger unless the water is running. However, what does mom know! So since she knew more she got handed the Roto Rooter Gel clog remover. She read the instructions and did what they said and the clog was gone. She said “Look Mom! The drain is cleared and working great again!” I laughed and said “Yes, it is that was what we wanted to happen.” She said “This is great! I’m going to buy Roto Rooter when the kids clog our drains!” We both were laughing because I told her “Between her and the kids, they were going to need several bottles at all times.” We were laughing and she said “Mom, is that why you have several bottles?” I told her “Yes, because I never know when I’m going to need it with all the kids!”

clogged drain

Of course all of the girls have long hair, so when we all take showers we also have the hair clogged drains as well. It’s a great time for us to use Roto Rooter as well. It takes care of the clogged drains and remove the hair. We use the hair catcher on the drain but it still clogs up the drain. So we are always ready with Roto Rooter to unclog the drain and ready for the next person to shower. We have always had this problem with our hair. Our hair for all the girls is so thick and it really does a number on the drain. But with Roto Rooter we have found that it saves the day and we can get the drains working again easily.

There has not been one drain that we have not clogged one time or another. So having Roto Rooter on hand is always a good idea. I also love that it’s reasonably priced so I can have several bottles on hand and not break the bank! So it keeps our drains working, and we do not have a need for a plumber. Which I have to say that I love because for as many times as our drains have been clogged a plumber would have been so expensive every time I had to call one!

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How to Make Your Travel Blog More Engaging for Readers

travel blogger

If you’ve already got your own travel blog up and running, that’s awesome! Sharing your experiences about this amazing planet we all share is a great thing for you to do; helping others discover new locations, and learn about cultures they may not have even heard of, is more than a worthwhile goal, it’s something we should all endeavor to do as human beings.

Still, maybe your viewership isn’t as widespread as you want it to be; maybe there’s something missing in your blog to really make it stand out from the crowd; or, maybe you just want to get even better at what you do. They’re all perfectly fine – every blogger worth their salt should want to improve, and explore the ways that they can not only draw in new readers, but create an even better experience for those who already subscribe.

Consider the following ideas to help your travel blog grow, and have an even greater impact on your readers.
Take the Road Less Traveled

Travel blogs are a dime a dozen, and they cover nearly every topic imaginable. To complicate things even more, non-travel blogs, like Facebook and Instagram, make it easier than ever to share photos and posts from a trip to the beach or a tour of Asia. What this means for you as a blogger is not only more competition for your readers’ attention, but also fewer ideas to use that are wholly original.

But if you want your blog to stand out, you need to find a niche no one else, or very few people, are covering. This can be tough to do, and will take some creativity on your part. Some suggestions to pull this off include:

Look for Unique Locales – Just about every travel blog you come across will have posts titled something like, “Your Guide to Vacationing in Las Vegas,” or “The Top Ten Shopping Destinations in New York City.” While there’s nothing wrong with talking about either of these cities, they’re both great places to visit, you won’t stand out talking about the exact same places everyone else is.

Instead, discuss regions and cities that few people are showcasing. Travel blogs appeal to people because they get to see places they’ve never been, and learn more about them. They don’t necessarily have to be locations that your readers will actually travel to – you can talk about the deserts of Saudi Arabia or the Arctic Tundra and make it interesting. Sometimes, it’s enough just to learn something new!

Take a Different Approach – If you are going to talk about a common location, approach your subject from a different perspective. Everyone wants to talk about the casinos, spas, and shows when they discuss Las Vegas. Again, nothing wrong with that, but it’s been done before, and many times. You never, or hardly ever, see anyone discuss the music scene in Las Vegas, despite the fact that Imagine Dragons and Five Finger Death Punch both call Las Vegas home. Using a different perspective will allow you to talk about common travel destinations in an uncommon way!

Improve the Quality of Your Writing

Nothing is more painful for a reader than to find a blog with a topic they’re interested in, with an article that covers exactly what they were looking for, only to discover that the useful info is buried beneath layers and layers of fluff and bad grammar. Blogs are primarily a medium that uses the written word to communicate what you’re trying to say, so with that in mind, if you want to make your blog stand out, you need to be able to write well.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying you have to be the next Stephen King. Part of the appeal of blogging is that anyone can get started in it, and they can showcase experiences, advice and ideas that are common to many people with simple, easy-to-understand language. You’re not necessarily trying to write a bestselling book on your blog (although
there are bloggers who have).

Instead, what I’m talking about is generally improving your grammar, how you structure your posts with a beginning, middle and end, and in the case of relating your experiences, how you tell a story. There are many different ways to do this, and it depends on your preferred learning style, as well as what aspect of your writing you want to improve.

Do a search for the most popular blogs on the web, and do a careful analysis of their writing styles. You shouldn’t be copying them, but instead, looking at what makes them work: how they structure their posts, the persona and tone they use, how they present their topics. Understanding how different people approach different topics, and their blogging philosophies, will help broaden your knowledge, as well as generate potential ideas for your own blog posts.

Tying in with your writing clarity, think about how impactful your blog and domain names are. If you didn’t give it much thought when you started, and settled for johnlikestocanoe.com, I’m not blaming you: we all have to start somewhere. But to make you stand out, you’ll need a name that’s simple, but memorable, and that means you may need to retitle your blog and register a new domain name.

Use Better Images to Illustrate Your Posts

There are few places that the old adage of “a picture is worth a thousand words” proves itself more true than on blogs. No matter how good your writing is, you should include some visual indicator to elaborate on or illustrate the points that you make in your blog.

Since blogs are very personal affairs for many bloggers, taking your own pictures, and indeed, featuring your own adventures, can go a very long way towards drawing more people into what you’re blogging about. If you haven’t yet, start training yourself in photography.

Don’t worry so much about the camera right now; cell phones have gotten to the point that they can take very high quality, if not professional grade, photos. Instead, immerse yourself in the principles of lighting and composition; figure out how the Rule of Thirds works and how to turn it to your advantage.Utilizing these principles, even photos taken without filters on a mid-range phone can become compelling illustrations of the stories you’re telling.
If you’re not a competent photographer, and know you never will be, that’s okay; you can still provide high quality, engaging images to expand on your written word. If you can’t compile your own photography to use, you should look into use free stock black-and-white images to accompany your post.

The important aspect to focus on is providing images, whether your own or those you use from cited sources, to bring a deeper understanding of your topic in each post.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving Winter in New York

To many people of the world, the winters up in northern USA are pure insanity. With snow piled inches high and temperatures below freezing, it’s almost a wonder anyone gets through it unscathed.

Native New Yorkers are used to these temperatures; they’ve weathered these storms since they were born. But for those of us from elsewhere in the states, you might not know exactly what to expect from your first winter in NY. If you find yourself relocating up toward the big apple, remember these tips to keep yourself from (metaphorically and literally) getting buried beneath the snow.

1. Buy Thick Winter Clothes

You may think you know what winter feels like, but it’s better to be safe than miserable after stepping out in below freezing temperatures because you wore a coat that was too light. Far more important than fashion is function in this instance. Before winter hits, stock up on some specialized winter outerwear and clothes that can be layered. Think things like puffa jackets, chunky woolen jumpers and thick boot socks. You’ll need thermal gloves and underwear, and a hat thats padded to keep your head and ears warm. Long johns may seem like overkill now, but you’ll be so grateful to have them as winter sets in Long before November, stock up on things that’ll keep you warm. Not
everything will look cute, but as long as you don’t freeze, it’s done
what it needs to do.


2. Proper Footwear Is Important

Get yourself a proper pair of boots. Better yet, get yourself
a couple pairs. Sturdy boots coupled with a pair of thick socks will help you wade through snow and not get frostbite doing it. Your boots should also have a good grip. New York is a walking city, and you don’t want to fall flat on ice while trying to get a latté. Again, try not to worry about whether they’re fashionable. It’s far more important that they protect your feet.

3. Invest in Your Home

When you’re not out walking the New York streets, you’re probably going to be in your home trying to keep the heat going. During the winter, the moisture in and around your house or apartment can cause mold and fungus to grow. Take the time to have your home treated before the winter completely sets in and worsens the infestation. Focus on breaking the mold in Brooklyn , NY by investing in a company that’ll come look at your home and treat the mold that’s nestled into your property.

4. Be Careful Where You Stand

I can’t emphasize this enough: avoid standing next to intersections at all costs. Sure, it’s typically normal to stand at the intersection while you wait for the light to change so you can cross the street. But consider this, during the day all of the snow and slush will start to melt and will collect on the sides of the streets. This melted snow combines with everything else on the street including dirt. If a car drives past you while you’re standing at the corner, you’ll be sure to get covered from head to toe in cold, gray slush. Be smart and stand back from corners and sidewalk edges. A dry pedestrian is a happy pedestrian.

5. Snow Removal

Be aware of how snow is removed from your area. If you’re renting or in an apartment building, you’re lucky. You don’t have to worry about keeping the snow off of the sidewalks. That’s your landlord’s job. It’s them that you’ll complain to if the snow becomes a problem. If you’re a homeowner, you’re responsible for shoveling that snow yourself or hiring someone to do it for you. You want the area around your home to be clean and safe for you and others to walk on, so remember to shovel your walkway. Winter in New York can be brutal, but if you’re prepared, you can survive it just like a native.
When the snow finally starts falling, put your warmth before everything else and invest in the things that’ll keep you safe and happy.

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Fix Your Drain Problems With Roto Rooter For Less Then A Plumber! #Ad

Roto Rooter gel

I have to say that when I was younger, I would call the plumber to fix a clogged drain.
I of course would cringe the whole time because I knew what was coming! If you said the Bill for the plumber and fixing it, you are correct! It was anywhere from $55 to $75 every time I called them to come and fix the drain. It was just crazy the amount of money I was throwing out the window.

Now, of course there are times when you need a plumber and they are worth having come in
to fix the problem you have. However, when you can fix it for yourself and for way less money then that’s the way
to go. I have found that Roto Rooter Gel can clear out the clogs for you and you can usually find it in the stores for $2.99 on sale to $4! When your going from $55-$75 to $4 your wallet and bank account are going to just love it! They is a huge price difference between the two! Imagine what you could do with all the money your saving! Take the family to a nice dinner, go to the movies, or other fun things instead of paying a plumber.

clogged drain1

Don’t break the bank because of a clogged drain! It can be a simple DIY at home for less with Roto Rooter and cost less as well! You can add the Roto Rooter to the clog and watch it disappear and your sink come back to life again. It is so easy to do that you will wonder why you were not doing it yourself from
the beginning if you were like I was calling the plumber when you had a clog. You can do it so easily, for less money and have a working sink again! It doesn’t get any better then this!

Roto Rooter makes sure you know what your doing with their product with easy instructions to follow. They make it so easy to unclog your drains yourself. Roto Rooter also keeps your money where it belongs as well, in your bank account and your wallet where you want it to be. It will make all your plumbing nightmares go away and make your home your castle again! When you have children, they can make some interesting plumbing issues that you have to deal with but Roto Rooter makes it so much easier to deal with!

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Haggar’s Men’s Dress Pants Review #Jeans #CasualWear #Jeans #BigAndTall


I received two pairs of pants from Haggar’s Clothing for my son. I have to say that sometimes ordering clothing online makes me a little nervous with not knowing if I’m ordering the right size. I’m sure you can relate it to having those feelings as well. However, Haggar’s made it really easy to know how to order on their site. They had an easy chart to figure out the size that my son would need in their Big and Tall section. It was an easy two clicks for the size and they were ordered! I know it couldn’t get any easier then that! I was so excited for them to arrive because I wanted to see the pants in person, because trying to find pants in the stores is really a nightmare for us. My son does not enjoy shopping and going in and out of at the minimum of 10 stores to find pants for him. So I was so hoping those days would come to an end with Haggar’s. I know that’s a lot of pressure to put on a purchase! Although, I’m sure we are not the only ones that feel this way.

When the pants arrived I literally ripped the package open because I couldn’t want to see if our shopping nightmares were coming to an end. I felt the pants material and I have to say that I loved it! It was a very nice quality material, not scratchy at all, I loved the invisible expandable waistline, I could not find one thing that I didn’t like about them. So I sent my son off to try them on, there was some grumbling of course that he had to try them on. However, I could hear him from his room when he yelled “Whoo hooo! They fit mom!” I have NEVER had my son excited over pants fitting! Seriously, I was SO excited myself, no driving all over to different stores and trying on more pants then I care to think about, no son having a fit after the 3rd store that had nothing that would fit him! OMG! our shopping for his pants just got so easy by just signing into my Haggar’s account, finding the pants he wants, selecting the size and ordering then we can just sit back and relax till they arrive in 4-5 days! WHAT! someone pinch me because I can’t believe it’s true! I could have done cartwheels down the street knowing that I didn’t have to go through the nightmare shopping trips and my son was excited over his pants. That’s an epic win for this mom! No, that’s not even close to an exaggerated statement! If you don’t believe me, we can take my son shopping for pants and you can have a first hand experience of the shopping nightmare. lol I’m more than happy to share the shopping experience with you, you may run screaming into the night after the 3rd store we go in!


The jeans fit perfectly as well! I also loved that they offered a variety of shades of the jean colors as well, so that he doesn’t look like he is wearing the same jeans everyday. I do wish that they offered a black jean color as my son really likes them. However, other then that, we loved the comfort of the way the jeans fit. The material was so comfortable to my son and he is picky about jeans! The material has a quality feel to them and the ones I chose for him were stretchy as well so that they would be more comfortable for him. He was again yelling out “MOM! They fit! I’m wearing them now!” Who is this child??? I have never seen them so excited about trying on pants and them fitting. There has always been frustration, anger, both of us annoyed, but never such excitement! We have found our go to for all his pants needs! They fit perfectly, he loves the way that they feel, fit, and he is excited to wear them!


I also love that Haggar Clothing has great deals on their clothing like for Father’s Day they are offering a great deal! You can purchase 3 pairs of pants for just $85 or 3 pairs of shorts for $55 with FREE shipping! The deal ends on 6/9 so hurry over to get your Father’s Day gifts so Dad can be as happy as my son! Trust me, he will just LOVE them! Don’t forget to use the promo code: 3FORDAD at the checkout to grab this great deal!

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