Vivitar DRC-330 Air Defender Drone Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Vivitar Drone

We received the Vivitar DRC-330 Air Defender Drone to review. I told my son’s that I had a surprise for them to help me with. So of course as always they wanted to know what they would be helping with and what was in the box I was holding. I told them we would open it after lunch. So we sat down to lunch and they ate really quickly and said “Okay, we are ready to help mom!” I had to laugh because it was about 5 minutes and they were done with lunch. Can you tell they get excited to help me??? lol

So we took the box outside and I opened it. The boys were so excited about seeing how the drone worked. I took out the batteries that I had already charged and the Vivitar DRC-330 Air Defender Drone. I got the Drone ready and they were so excited that they were going to get to try it. I gave the remote to one of my son’s. We have a field that is just a block or two away from our house so we went there to fly the drone because it was their first time and I didn’t want it to land on top of the house. So I told them how it works and what they needed to do. It was simple enough for them both to use with no problems.

My son had the Drone flying and I had put in the Micro SD card as well so that I could have him take some photos. They were having so much fun! They had the whole field to fly the drone over so they were just having a blast. They were amazed at how high the drone would go and how easy it was to land it. They were taking photos as well, those did not come out so well. Not by any fault of the drone’s camera, the boys were still trying to figure out how to fly it and use it so they came out blurry because it was moving all over the place when they were trying to take pictures. So I wasn’t expecting great first photos by any means. The boys were just having so much fun with the Drone, I was loving watching them play with it.

I did take the Drone out by myself, because you know that I had to try it for the review. Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL! So I went to the field and I was flying the drone. I had no problems flying it or landing it. I was able to take photos from the drone camera as well and they came out great. I had both batteries with me so I was having a lot of fun with it! I was able to land it on the field with no problems, since it was my first time I figured I would crash it but no, it landed easily. I have used it several times and each time I get better and better with flying it and the pictures are coming out great! I’m thinking of trying to take some fun fall photos of the family with the drone and seeing how they come out. I have some personalized gifts that I would love to use the pictures for!

The Vivitar DRC-330 Air Defender Drone would make a great Christmas gift! Not only for Children but also for adults! You can find the Drone at Walmart, Target, Staples, and several other stores. It’s a great gift for that hard to buy for person because there are so many ways to use it!

DIY Stained Glass Looking Ornament #KidsDIY #DIY #Christmas


I have always loved the look of a stained glass window and I like to find different ways to make a stained glass look to my craft projects. This is no exception, I tried to find a easy way for children to make stained glass looking ornaments for the Christmas tree. We make a lot of our ornaments for our tree together as a family.


This is a perfect ornament for the family to make together and you can make the designs any way that you would like. Your not limited to the designs that can be made with this ornament. I made this one a little simple so that it would be easier for the real little ones to take part in. They come out so adorable and so pretty when the Christmas lights twinkle on them. It just creates a beautiful stained glass look when the lights are on.


* Ceramic Tile (Lowe’s Item #
* Alcohol Ink (I used Red, Blue, and Green) you can use whatever colors you like
* Alcohol Ink Applicator pads
* Twist tie from garbage bag
* Chalk board vinyl (Get in School Supplies aisle) or black Vinyl at craft store for wall decals
* Modge Podge
* Plastic gloves (Dollar Tree)
* felt (I get the felt 4/$1) at Craft store
* Metal D Ring hangers for hanging pictures
* Hot Glue gun and glue sticks
* Ribbon

Step 1: Cut very thin strips of Black Vinyl you will need 3-5 strips per ornament

Step 2: Measure how much vinyl your design will need as you design it. You will push down with your thumb where you want to cut the vinyl against your ornament. Then cut so that you have enough vinyl to make your design.

Step 3: remove the backing off the vinyl and place them where they will go on your ornament. If your making the same design as I did it will be an X with a strip through the middle.

Step 4: You now have your outline of where your going to go with the Alcohol ink. Alcohol ink dries quickly! So you will want to have your twist tie pushed in half and then bend the bottom of the twist tie so that it’s a little flat to help you use it with the application pad to get it in the areas that you would like them.

Step 5: Put your gloves on and you are going to want to dab the alcohol ink in the areas you want them. You do not want to keep the ink placed on the ornament or it will run into the other areas. So you want to be sure to dab and continue to the areas colored.

Step 6: Continue to ink the areas as well as the sides of the ornament. Once they are done you will let it dry for 10-20 minutes.

Step 7: Now you can open your modge podge and use a foam brush to dab on your modge podge. You do not want to brush it over or it will take the ink off again. The modge podge will seal the ink and keep it on your ornament. Now you will allow it to dry for about 20 minutes moving the ornament every 5 minutes to make sure it doesn’t stick to your work surface.

Step 8: You will trace the ornament design onto the felt that you will use for the back of your ornament to cover it. You will need to do a little trimming to get it down to where you would like it to be and not show around the edges of the ornament when your looking at it.

Step 9: You will now hot glue the D ring hanger to the back of the ornament. Let it sit for a few minutes to ensure it has enough glue.

Step 10: Now you will hot glue your felt in place on the back of the ornament. Again let it sit and cool.

Step 11: You will now take some Ribbon and cut it as long as you would like the ornament to hang on the tree. Now you will tie a bow so you can hang your ornament.

Pom Pom Wow Ultimate Variety Pack Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Have you seen the Pom Pom Wow Products? I received a Pom Pom Product to make so that I could tell you all about it. I received it at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair where it was an amazing time! Pom Pom Wow was there and they had the huge “cave” that was covered in Pom Poms that took literally over hundreds of hours for them to make but I think it was well worth their time! It came out amazing! The pom pom Wow were so soft to the touch as well. When you went inside the cave it showed you what Pom Pom Wow were and all the amazing things that you could make with them. They also had tables of items that were made with the Pom Pom Wow on display. I have to say I was just amazed at all the things that you can use them to create things with.
I thought they looked a little difficult to make but when I tried the kit that I received I found it wasn’t difficult to do at all. It was fairly easy to do and they were so adorable when they are finished. You can turn older things in your home from lampshades to pillows into a whole new look with Pom Pom Wow. You could also purchase one of the many kits that they offer and make a great new project. I have to say that these are just genius for girls to make something that they love their own. They can let their creative juices flow or they can just do as directed on the instructions that are easy to follow.
There are so many creative ideas that they have come up with that any girl is just going to love their products. You don’t have to be a girly girl to just love the products. The Pom Pom Wow are just so cute and the way you use them is very creative that they can create so many different looks and make great additions to their room with the Pom Pom Wow. They could create their whole room with a Pom Pom Wow make over so that it’s their own style and it is made by them. I had my niece help me to create my Pom Pom Wow project and she is just hooked on it. She now wants to do her room in Pom Pom Wow products. She loves being crafty and creating her own style so she is just in love with their products.
Your child could also make their own Christmas gifts with Pom Pom Wows Ultimate Kit, designs for their friends and family. They could do purses, lampshades, and so much more. The possibilities are really endless. At the Chicago Toy and Game Fair they even made a dress for the fashion show that was held there out of Pom Pom Wow as you can see in the photo below it’s one of their staff with me and she is wearing the dress and wings with it. So even those creative girls who don’t want to wear the tradition Prom or homecoming dresses, you could make your own Pom Pom Wow dress for your special event and it will have your own special flair. No one will be wearing that dress to the event! You will be stylish and as colorful as you want. The sky is the limit with Pom Pom Wow as you can see from all the great photos. I would love to see how creative our readers get so if you purchase Pom Pom Wow be sure to share it on here so that we can see your amazing designs as well! I can hardly wait to see how creative you are with them.

Pom Pom Wow’s can be found at Target, Walmart, Amazon, K-mart and Toys R Us. So be sure to grab their products for the crafty people on your Christmas Shopping lists.

Klask The Magnetic Game Of Skill Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I received the Klask Game to review with my son’s. It’s a table top game that has magnetic pieces that you move as you play the game. It reminds me of a tabletop Ice Hockey game. Now, when I first saw this game I had to get in on the action as there were so many people playing this game. So I watched some of them playing and then I had to get a game to play with a friend.

So we sat down and we got our magnetic game pieces ready to go. There are two other magnetic pieces on each side that you send the piece around or through to score with the game. We were having such a great time laughing and playing. When a person gets it through into the other person’s “pocket” they score a point. Now, I have to say the game is not as easy as it sounds. There are challenges to the game!

Your not going to score every time you push the ball across trying to get into the pocket. The other person can block your shot, it can go in a different direction then you had wanted it to, and the pieces that you put on both sides can also make the ball go into another direction. So, if you think your going to be bored with this game think again! There are always challenges but those challenges will have you and the person that your playing with laughing at where the ball is and where it’s going. You and the person your playing with will want to keep playing because your having so much fun.


I let my son’s play Klask as I had already played it so I wanted to get their point of view on the game. They just loved it! They were battling and keeping score on the score board that is on the side of the game. You slide the score wheel to the next point if you earn one. Once the boys played a few times with the ball, the boys just enjoyed it so much that when their cousins came over they had to play with them. They also loved it just as much as my son’s did. Now, I should say that the boys range in age from 7 years old to 16 years old. We let the kids play for a while and then the adults took over and the boys played a different game. We all just had so much fun and as we were playing we were calling ” I play the winner!” and we put our names on a dry erase board so we knew who was suppose to play next. We played most of the day with the kids and adults having a great time. We also played on Thanksgiving as well, it was a non stop fun day of games and everyone had a great time.
Klask would make a great gift this holiday season for a child or adult. You can purchase Klask at . You will be thrilled you did! I do have to warn you that it is an addicting game! So when you become addicted to playing the game you can’t blame me you were warned! lol

Revel Star Wars Last Jedi Models Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Star wars millennium falcon

I received the Revel 1/78 Poe’s Boosted X-wing Fighter™ Plastic Model Kit, 1/164 Millennium Falcon™ Plastic Model Kit and 1/164 First Order Heavy Assault AT-M6 Walker™ Plastic Model Kit the Last Jedi Star Wars Models to put together with my son’s. They are huge star wars fans and have watched every movie released. So they were so excited about the models and putting them together with me. We looked at both of the models and the boys chose which one they would like to put together.

star wars walker model

Since it was their second models they were putting together I just wanted to see if they could put it together by themselves. I have to say that made them pretty excited, so I was working on my laptop and watching them but just peeking to make sure all was going well with putting them together. They put the pieces out in front of them and started to read the instructions on how to put the model together. The boys were laughing and having a great time putting their model’s together.

They were doing really good putting them together and of course I acted like I was not paying attention but I was watching so I could see if it was easy or hard for them to put together. They were having no problems putting each piece together and you could just see in their eyes how excited they were as they continued to put it together. They kept telling each other to look and see how far each of them had gotten on their model. When they had finished the models, I was thrilled to see that they had not needed me to help them at all which was great since it was only the second model that they had put together. I figured they would need a little guidance but they did it all by themselves. When I asked the boys if it was difficult at any point to put the models together they stated it was not hard but that they loved the finished models.

star wars X wing fighter

I have to say that they are so excited about making models now and want to have shelves in their room to display them on. They are both avid fans of Revel models now. They wanted to know when they would be getting the next model to add to their collection. I told them that they better add it to their Santa lists so that he knows what they would like. So both of the boys have been look for which models they would like to add to their lists on the site. I have to say that before the boys put the models together they had said that they did not want to put any together they were not interested in them at all. However, it is now a whole different story. They now want to put them together and start a collection.

The pieces for the models are a nice size and when they are put together go together easily. They also loved the Star Wars models, they really kept their interest as well as got them excited about making more of them. They just loved the way they looked when they were put together. Both of the boys stated they looked just like the ones in the movies. They had to show everyone how well they did as they were so proud of the models. Everyone that they showed them to just loved the models and want to get and make them as well. You can use the store locator to find where to purchase these great

Instant Glam Styling Head Doll Review #Christmas Gift Guide

aiyana doll

I received a Instant Glam Styling Head Doll to review. I saw them at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair in Chicago. I saw the Instant Glam Styling Head Doll and instantly fell in love with them! There were many reasons that I fell in love with them, and why so many were flocking to their booth to see the Styling Head Doll as well.

When I arrived at the booth I hung back and watched how the kids reacted to the Instant Glam Styling Doll. The kids were going crazy over the Instant Glam Styling Doll, they were just loving this Doll. I was talking to the kids to see what they liked about the doll, they loved that it had hands that moved so you could paint it’s nails, other styling head dolls do not offer this feature. They loved that they were not stuck with one type of hair color, they could do wild and sassy hair styles on the Instant Glam Styling Doll head. They loved that they could get as creative as they wanted with this Styling Doll Head and be able to change it again as often as they wanted. They also loved that they could purchase other hair colors for the Styling Doll Heads as well.

cae doll

The Instant Glam Styling Doll Heads are not your typical Styling Doll heads! Your child can remove their hair completely and start from scratch to have any hair style that they want from blonde to wild colors like Purple, pink, and Blue to mention a few of the colors. They can mix and match any colors that they want and even do a rainbow hair style if they would like. The hair comes off and goes back on with ease and it’s easy for all age children to play with. Teens were loving the Instant Glam Styling Doll Heads as well because they offered such a variety of hair color choices. They were playing as much as the younger children and having as much fun as them as well. They were all wanting one for Christmas and asking their parents to get them a Instant Glam Styling Doll Head.

One of my biggest things that I loved, well their were actually two things that I loved the most about these dolls. The first being that they have black Instant Glam Styling Doll heads! They are just the most adorable dolls as well and they had many different hair types for them as well. Having Bi-racial grandchildren I am always on the lookout for companies who make black dolls as well as white dolls. However, most of the time black dolls do not always come out looking the way they should. The Instant Glam Styling Dolls have the most beautiful black dolls I have found so far for my princesses! I just loved the hair, the facial features, just everything about them. The second thing that I absolutely loved is the passion that the Doll creators have for their dolls. They take so much pride in them, you can see how they light up when they are showing how they work, how the kids can play with them, how much they wanted them perfect for their customers. It really showed when they were at the fair. They took so much pride in each doll that they made and how they put them together because they wanted children to enjoy them for a long time. Their excitement is what got people flocking to their booth and wanting to purchase the Instant Glam Styling Doll Head along with how adorable they are and how many options they offered for the Doll Heads. Kudos to them for their hard work on these beautiful dolls, they did an amazing job on them!

If you have been looking for a Styling Doll head for this holiday season for your princess to play with. I can tell you that I would choose Instant Glam Styling Head Doll every time!

What Safety Features to Look for in a Family Car

car safety post1

Your family is everything. It’s why you come home with happiness in your heart after a long day of work. It’s why the holidays feel so special. It’s why your life is always imbued with those warm fuzzies. Your family is important and when you’re looking for cars, safety should be one of your primary concerns. It’s time to say goodbye to that old beater you’ve been holding onto since your college days. Car safety technology improves rapidly, so why not invest in a brand-new car boasting top protective features?
Here are some tips for choosing the right car and what safety features you should look for while you’re on the hunt for a new vehicle:

Pick the right brand
The first step in your car-buying process should be to narrow down the brand of car you’d like. For example, look for new Audis for sale in Atlanta or new Fords for sale in Tampa – wherever you are, you can find the perfect vehicle for you. But again, it’ll be an easier process if you know what brand you like best.

Driving on the road is incredibly dangerous. There are distracted drivers to contend with, road rage, construction, traffic, and other unseen menaces. However, automakers are helping drivers be as safe as possible as they drive by implementing several different sensors.

Two sensors you should try to find when you’re searching for a new car include Driver Fatigue Alerts and Frontal Collision Alerts. A Driver Fatigue Alert activates if the car’s software senses a change in driving behavior like swerving and other unpredictable movements. A coffee icon will turn on and you might get a vibration from your seat or seatbelt letting you know you’re driving sleepily.

Another great sensor to look for in a new car is a Frontal Collision Alert, which continuously monitors the distance between your car and the car in front of you. If you get to close to the car in front, the car will alert you, so you have time to hit the brakes to avoid an accident.


Backup cameras are an essential safety feature to have in your new car. It can help you avoid a child that runs into the road suddenly or a passing cyclist you weren’t expecting. Backup cameras typically work by altering you with a beeping noise along with a live view of the scene behind you as you back up.
Headlights that move with you

When you drive on an incredibly dark road, it’s obviously difficult to see properly. If it’s a road you drive all the time, it’s not as big of a deal to navigate. However, there are few things more intimidating than driving on a brand-new road with blind turns and no streetlights. Auto manufacturers are mitigating the danger of extra dark areas by providing drivers with the option of adaptable headlights. These types of headlights turn where your car is turning so you can anticipate any changes in the road.

Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS)
ABS is a feature that keeps your wheels from suddenly locking up during a hard-braking maneuver. When wheels lock up, it can send you into an uncontrollable skid. ABS help you avoid that dangerous situation.

car safety post2

Rear defrost
This seems like an incredibly simple feature to look out for but it’s essential if you live somewhere with inclement weather. Cars with rear defrost have a small electronic heating strip that extends across the back window. That heat will help remove snow, ice, or condensation that impedes your view of the road.

Heated side mirrors
When you’re driving, your view of the road helps you anticipate any sudden changes. If you can’t see your surroundings and other cars, it can make for a dangerous situation. One way around this is looking for a car with heated side mirrors. These types of side mirrors easily melt away ice and other winter debris, so you can always see what’s going on.

Takeaways: safety first, everything else second
Your family deserves the best, especially when it comes to vehicle safety features. With this list in hand, you can be confident that you’re getting the safety features you need to feel secure on the road. Keep your family healthy and happy with these tips!

Safety Tips to Protect Your Child from Getting Injured

kids playing ball

It is actually very easy to say that, “I am going to protect my child from all the injuries as I can’t see my child getting hurt”. So, this is really not possible as children play different games and stuff and end up hurting themselves and moreover, no parents can see their child getting hurt but even after taking a lot of care, children do get injuries.

Injuries are of several types. Some of them are minor which does not create much issue whereas some of them are major injuries which create problems in future. Thus, there should be some safety tips taken by the parents in order to avoid any major injury to their child. Some of the injuries can be prevented if you really take care of it by using some safety tips and those tips are as follows:

Poisonous Bottles

What we people do is, we just keep everything on the floor thinking that our child won’t take it whereas, at the early stage of life, children explore new things and they just put everything in their mouth even if that thing doesn’t tastes well. Children can easily open the caps of the bottle so you should avoid keeping it to the place where children can easily get it, there are different drain cleaners used at homes and they are poisonous for the children due to the several chemicals in it. So, try to keep it at the place where children cannot reach.


The kitchen is the place where your child can get different injuries. Mothers are always busy in the kitchen preparing food for their family whereas those children who are young at age, they try to grab things to balance themselves and for this reason they might hold hot oven doors, wall heaters or outdoor grills and by doing this, they can end up burning themselves. So what mothers should do is, they should give their children some activity to do like some puzzles or let them watch any cartoon so that they should get busy with that and stay away from the kitchen. In this way, you can protect your child from burning themselves.

Car Safety

Remember that car safety is the most important thing which parents should consider in order to protect their child from different incidents. Through a research, we came to know that in car accidents; mostly children are the ones who get hurt due to the negligence of their parents. Most of the parents do not pay attention towards their child’s life and health whereas it should be considered as one of the most important factor for them. In car accidents, children’s get severe injuries and sometimes it becomes the cause of their death as well. A sudden stop or even lowering the speed of your car can cause some serious injuries to the child so you should always use a car safety seat for your child whenever your child rides in the car with you. The new Audis for sale can show you some great child safety features that they have available for your family.

If your child gets hurt in a car accident which took place due to others negligence then you should directly hire a lawyer who can fight for you to get you the compensation for the expenses of your child treatment. There is a law firm named Johnston Law Firm, they have some best lawyers to deal with such cases so you just directly talk to them to handle your case and fight for you.

5 Unique Swimming Pool Mosaic Designs

Pool mosaics come in a wide variety of designs. These works of art are handcrafted from ceramic or glass and are attached permanently to your pool. Some of the most popular designs include dolphins, sea turtles, and fish mosaics. If you are looking to create a more unique space look, however, we have compiled a list of less common but equally stunning pool mosaic designs to choose from.

Dolphin pool

Unique Pool Mosaic Ideas for Your Pool

1. Octopus Pool Mosaics
Octopuses, with their eight arms and three hearts, have been inhabiting our oceans for almost 300 million years. They are incredibly intelligent and interesting creatures that are capable of changing their color to match their surroundings. Adding an octopus to your swimming pool is a gorgeous way to add color and intrigue to your space.
Whether you are looking to add a majestic creature straight out of a mythical legend, or a fun cartoon octopus for a little whimsy in your pool, there are numerous pool mosaics to choose from.

2. Coral Pool Mosaics
coral pool
Coral Reefs are famous for their spectacular beauty. People will travel all over the world just to see them in person. Luckily, with a coral pool mosaic, you won’t have to travel farther than your backyard. These gorgeous designs are full of color and make for spectacular centerpieces which look incredible when installed in the center of a pool.

No matter if you are hoping to create a magnificent mural or simply add a few accents of color, coral pool mosaics are an artistic way to beautify your backyard oasis.

3. Crab Pool Mosaics
Crabs are a wildly diverse animal. There are over 4,500 different species that range in size from less than half an inch wide to over twelve feet! These real-life scuttering creatures come in all shapes and colors – and luckily so do the mosaic versions.

It doesn’t matter what your personal style is, there is a crab pool mosaic to match. From artistic glass crab mosaics to realistic tile mosaics, to fun cartoon mosaics, you’ll have no problem finding the crustacean that is right for you – without worrying about getting pinched!

4. Alligator Pool Mosaics
Alligators, often described as “living fossils”, are a symbol of strength and power with a fascinating legacy over 200 million years old. Did you know that alligators continue to grow new teeth all throughout their lives? It’s true! Within one lifetime, an alligator can go through over 2,500 teeth.

Adding one of these toothy beauties to your backyard swimming pool is a great way to create a signature, sophisticated look, completely unique to your particular style.

5. Frog Pool Mosaics
Known to be playful and cheerful, Frogs are also often associated with healing. That being said, frogs are more than what meets the eye. If you’re in search of a little added good fortune, look no further. These fun-loving amphibians are often thought to symbolize good luck.

Frog pool mosaics are incredibly versatile. Not only do they look great at the bottom of a pool, but they also make a great accent along the wall or even on the deck surrounding the pool.
What pool mosaic design is right for you?

No matter your personal style, there is bound to be a pool mosaic to perfectly match the aesthetics you are going for. Don’t see a design that’s just right? Not to worry! There is always the option of ordering a customized pool mosaic. These works of art can be created with just about any design and color scheme you could imagine.

* Pool mosaics are high-quality and visually stunning, with a wealth of other benefits:
* Environmentally friendly
* Wide variety of colors & designs available
* Can be used in any shaped pool
* Finish quality doesn’t change over time
* High-quality material can’t be mechanically damaged
* Mosaics can be arranged in many unique patterns
* Gives your pool a fresh, new look

If you are looking for a unique and gorgeous way to add a pop to your backyard oasis, pool mosaics are an incredible option, no matter your situation.