Make Sure Your All Set For Your Child’s Sports Games This Summer #sports #SportsParents


It’s that fun time of year almost when the kids sports for the summer will be starting up. The line up of a couple of games a day to watch our kids run around those bases, kicking a goal, kicking a field goal, and having a great time while doing it all. Who doesn’t love seeing those huge smiles on your child’s face after a great game!

portable folding bench

We are going to make sure your very comfortable at the games this summer because that’s very important to have a comfortable family cheer team. I mean let’s face it if you have those metal bleachers they are not the most comfortable things in the world! So we have found the Cascade Mountain Tech Portable Reclining Seat to make those bleachers much more comfortable. If you have a large crew coming to watch the games then the you will love these Multi Seat Portable Folding Team Bench with 4 seats, Multi Seat Portable Folding Team Bench with 6 seats, or the Multi Seat Portable Folding Team Bench with 8 seats. Everyone can be comfortable on these great benches and you can all sit together with no problems. I also love that it folds up easily, goes into a storage bag and can fit right in the trunk as well as leave plenty of room for anything else you need to fit in there.
With any of these comfortable seats your going to be able to enjoy the game and cheer your child on during the games.

water bottles

Now that you have your comfortable seating, don’t forget you need to keep your family hydrated during the game! The adorable Personalized water bottles for the family everyone can have their names on them so that they know which one is theirs. They come in a variety of colors as well with your name engraved for you. You also want to make sure that you have plenty of snacks for the family, even more so if you have little tiny ones with you.

coleman cooler

The Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler With Hard Liner will make it easy to have lunch, snacks, and everything that you need handy. I don’t know about you but my kids start from the time we get to the field till we are ready to go home with the “I’m hungry!” or the “I want a snack!”. So I make sure I have healthy options available for them to choose from. I like to pack apples, grapes, and oranges for the kids to choose from for snacks. I also pack raisins in the pocket of the cooler to keep them handy for a smaller snack for the kids. We also pack a clean eating veggie pasta salad, sandwiches, and some other goodies for our lunch like string cheese. We are then ready for the game and to have everything we will need while there. I also pack extra drinks to refill out water bottles with so they stay cold on those hot days.

Your now all ready to go to the field, have a great time watching your child play. No matter what sport your child plays your going to be comfortable, have some great foods for the family to eat and keep them cooled. Not to mention on those hot days keep your child’s drink and the rest of your families drinks cool in those great water bottles with their names on them so that there is not the which drink is mine? I don’t want that one because it’s hers or his! You can have a relaxing day and just enjoy the game.

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How to Talk With Your Teen about Dating Violence #Teen #DatingViolence


Teen dating violence is not one of the topics that a lot of parents think to cover with their child. You cover stranger Danger, drugs, STD’s, having “the talk” about sex, and other topics that they need to be aware of. However, this is now more then ever a talk that you need to have with your teen. One in three teens are subjected to dating violence but are not making you aware that it’s going on. They believe that it will stop or it’s their fault it’s happening.

If you have a teen it’s time to have a talk with them about dating violence. You want to make sure that they are aware it does happen and what to do if they experience dating violence. You want to open that communication with your teen so they feel comfortable to come to you and discuss it if they are a victim of dating violence.

“I knew to talk with Jen about alcohol, drugs, sex and all those other parenting talks, but I never knew I had to teach her about dating violence,” said Drew Crecente, whose 18-year-old daughter was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. “I did not realize that it was such a pervasive issue at such a young age.”

In fact, 81 percent of parents either do not believe that TDV is a problem – or do not know if it is a problem or not.

In an effort to combat this epidemic, Crecente founded Jennifer Ann’s Group to increase awareness about teen dating violence, as well as provide educational information to help teens, tweens, and young adults identify and avoid abusive relationships through free educational video games.

“Parents have a largely underrated influence in preventing TDV, and it begins with a sit-down conversation, but knowing what to say and how to say it is also important,” says Crecente.

1.Encourage open, honest, and thoughtful reflection. Talk openly with your teen about healthy relationships. Allow them to articulate his or her values and expectations for healthy relationships. Rather than dismissing ideas as wrong, encourage debate, which helps young people come to his or her own understanding.

2.Be sensitive and firm. Parenting a teen is not an easy task, especially when it comes to helping him or her navigate their way through relationships. To be effective, you will need to find the balance between being sensitive and firm. Try to adapt to the changes faced by your child. Be willing to talk openly and respect differences of opinion. Realize that the decisions you make will sometimes be unpopular with your teen – that’s okay.

3.Understand teen development. Adolescence is all about experimentation. From mood swings to risk taking, “normal teenage behavior” can appear anything-but-normal. New research, however, reveals that brain development during these formative years play a significant role in young teen’s personality and actions. Knowing what’s “normal” is critical to helping you better understand and guide young people.

4.Understand the pressure and the risk teen’s face. Preteens and young teens face new and increasing pressures about sex, substance abuse and dating. Time and time again, young teens express their desire to have parents/role models take the time to listen to them and help them think through the situations they face – be that person!

5.Take a clear stand. Make sure young teen knows how you feel about disrespect, use of abusive or inappropriate language, controlling behavior or any forms of violence.

6.Make the most of “teachable moments”. Use video games, TV episodes, movies, music lyrics, news, community events or the experiences of friends to discuss healthy and unhealthy relationships.

7.Discuss how to be an ‘upstander’. Teach teens how to stand-up for friends when he or she observes unhealthy treatment of his or her peers.

8.Accentuate the positive. Conversations about relationships do not need to focus solely on risky behavior or negative consequences. Conversations should also address factors that promote healthy adolescent development and relationships.

9.Be an active participant in your young teen’s life. Explore ways to know more about your teen’s friends and interests. Find activities you can do together.

10.Be prepared to make mistakes. You will make mistakes. Accept that you will make mistakes, but continue to help teens make responsible choices while trying to maintain that delicate balance of being sensitive, yet firm.

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Free Ice Cream Cone At Ben & Jerry’s On 4/10 #IceCream #FreeIceCream

ben and Jerry's free ice cream cone day

Whooo! Hooooo! Get your stomach ready for a sweet treat! That’s right you can get a free ice cream cone from Ben & Jerry’s today from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. today! So get the family ready to go to Ben & Jerry’s and choose their free ice cream cone. You need to RSVP for your free ice cream cone.

What is your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor? It’s going to be a fun family day for everyone going to get their free ice cream cone. I have so many flavors that I love at Ben & Jerry’s so it’s going to be tough to choose! Let us know what flavors you ended up choosing with your family when you go for your free ice cream cone. There maybe some new flavors that we need to try!

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DirtyBird Energy Sensitive Multipack Soap Review

I received the DirtyBird Energy Sensitive Multipack Soap to review with our family. I have to say there is a great variety of soaps that are perfect for the whole family. Since several of our family have sensitive skin, we couldn’t wait to try the soaps.

The DirtyBird Energy Sensitive Multipack Soap comes with 6 bars of soap in a great reusable container that you can also use to travel with you. The Multipack comes with 2 Recovery, 2 Relax, 1 Original, and 2 Replenish bars of soap. The Replenish bar of soap is unscented, the Relax bar is Lavender scented, the Original is Peppermint scented, and the Recovery bar is Eucalyptus scented. The bars are 5.5 oz bars are a great size and easy to handle when your using them in the bath or shower.

I tried the Relax bar as I had just been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with everything on my schedule and also from us being sick so much this winter. So I could really use something relaxing to help the tension go away. So I grabbed everything and headed in to see how it would work. Now, I only have time for a shower, because as many of you know when you have kids and grandkids they are going to go and locate you and bug you the whole time. So I told everyone that they were not to knock on the door, try to get into the bathroom, or anything else till I reappeared. I went on my Merry way and of course I got as far as in the bathroom and one of the kids needed to use it. OY! However, at least it was before I was trying to get relaxed.

I got into the shower and I could just smell the lavender scent it was just like “Ahhhhh!” So I got into the shower and when the hot water hit the soap it lathered up really well and it smelled even more like Lavender in the bathroom. I have to say that I just loved the the way that the soap felt on my skin as well. It was a very silky on my skin, I also had very dry skin from this winter and it was making the dry skin feel better as well. I was actually starting to relax and I could feel even some of the stress leaving my shoulders where it sets up camp and just stays. I felt so much more relaxed and ready to take on my schedule and my family after my relaxing shower. It really was heavenly, I have been using the relax for several days now and it really just makes me so much more relaxed and ready to take on everything that comes my way.

My son who has EDS, sensitive skin and allergies to a lot of soaps used the Replenish bar. It has no scent, a nice 5.5 oz bar, and he was excited to try the soap. Since the Relax soap bar worked for me and I had have allergies to soaps as well. So he was going to go try it, so he got all of his items ready for the shower and since he has the allergies we watch his skin close after he showers to ensure he doesn’t get hives. So he went in took his shower and when he came out of the bathroom I got his report on the Replenish. He said that he loved the way it lathered up, the way his skin felt so soft after his shower and it didn’t feel tight like it normally does. He really liked the way his skin felt, the way it felt like it was moisturized, he really liked it and has been using it ever since. I think that the Replenish would be great for a Mommy to be as it hydrates the skin so well. We all know that our bodies go through changes while we are pregnant so it would be great for Mom’s to use as well.

My son also tried the Recover soap bar, he gets a lot of bumps and bruises due to his EDS so we tried the soap bar as well. He has only tried it once so far but he just loved the Eucalyptus scent of the soap. He told me that it lathered well, that it felt really nice on his skin when he used it, that it didn’t dry his skin. He is going to keep using it with the Replenish bar soap and rotating the bars. We haven’t used it long enough to know if it helps to encourage bruises, Inflamation and bumps to heal quicker. I will however, update this review once we know how it works with them.

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Freezer Meals to make with leftover Ham #FreezerMeals #HamMeals #HamRecipes #Easter


There are a lot of great recipes that you can make and freeze with leftover Ham from Easter. So I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Ham & Cheese Homemade Hot Pockets

Pizza Dough
1-2 cups chopped ham
slices of American Cheese
bag of Frozen Broccoli

Take the dough roll it out to a small circle, add some ham pieces, slice of cheese and a couple pieces of Broccoli. Then fold in half and take a fork and close the edges on both sides. Be sure not to over stuff or they will leak. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes on a greased cookie sheet. Let them cool and put them in Sandwich bags to freeze individually. Then just take one out and heat them in the Microwave till hot and serve.

Here are some more recipes that you can use as well:

Ham & Scalloped Potatoes

6 potatoes
1 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 cup of Ham
1/2 cup of Milk

Clean and slice the Potatoes, You can leave the skin on or remove it, Then in a freezer bag, just throw the potatoes in and Ham, then mix in the Cream of Mushroom Soup. (Do not add the Milk to it till you cook the dinner.

Ham and Macaroni and Cheese (from the oamc digest)

8 oz. elbow macaroni
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
3 cups shredded cheese
2 cups cubed ham
2 cups thin white suace (recipe follows)

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Cook macaroni and drain. Place half of the macaroni in and 2 qt casserole dish. Sprinkle with half the cheese. Add all of ham. Top with remaining macaroni and cheese. Pour white sauce over casserole. Cover and bake for 30 minutes.

THIN WHITE SAUCE (for macaroni and cheese)
1 Tbsp. margarine
1 Tbsp. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1 cup milk

Melt butter. Blend in flour, salt and pepper. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is smooth and bubbly. Remove from heat. Stir in milk. Heat to boiling, stirring constantly. Boil and stir 1 minute. Use as directed in recipe for macaroni and cheese.

Notes from a tired oamc cook (don’t know who this was!): I was tired and worn out at this point. I decided that the Ham and Macaroni and cheese would have to be a SAR (Some Assembly Required) meal. I placed three cups of cheese in a qt. size freezer — then I placed 2 cup bag another qt size freezer bag. I placed a rubber band around these and froze them. At meal time – I will use this recipe. I will stir in the ham before baking.

The following recipes are from “Dinner’s Ready” by Andrew Schloss and Ken Bookman, a “chain cooking” cookbook, where you make completely different meals out of leftovers from previous meals. These look good. Where there is a leftover used, I posted that recipe too, in case you wanted to do it their way or adapt these recipes.

Here are some more great recipes:

* Delicious Ham & Potato Soup

* Ham & Cheese Ziti

* Cheez Ham & Potato Bake

* Ham & Bean Soup

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7 Quirky Accommodations for Your Trip to Australia

broome time1

With so many unique choices of accommodation to stay in when visiting Australia, there’s no excuse to plump for a standard hotel. Your accommodation can be an experience in itself – combine both for a truly unforgettable stay.
Find out more about these alternatives to regular holiday homes in Australia, from the surreal to the sophisticated.

Old Leura Dairy, New South Wales

These dwellings in the Blue Mountains are constructed from 80% recycled materials to create a cluster of eco-lodges. Choose from ‘The Milking Shed’, ‘Moo Manor’, ‘Buttercup Barn’ and more – all cosied up amid the forests with private balconies and luxury facilities. Snuggle by the fire or unwind on your patio platform under canopy shade: a perfect tranquil holiday spot.

Satellite Island, Tasmania

In the midst of the gorgeous D’Entrecasteaux Channel, a small secluded island is circled by sea eagles and wild shellfish. There, you can rent the entire location, including a summerhouse, a boathouse, and a luxury bell tent – exclusively limited to 8 guests.
The going rate for hiring out the island includes gourmet breakfast each day and unlimited access to fresh oysters caught at the on-site sea farm. It’s a wild ocean paradise and life-affirming experience for all who stay there.

Broome-Time Accommodation & Art Gallery, Western Australia

This integrated hotel and art galleries in breath-taking Broome have Have a great selection of artists-in-residence who produce stunning native Australian inspired art pieces. Broome is a beautiful town adorned with red cliffs, crystal white oceans and waterfalls, for an authentic Australian experience.
Visit the on-site gallery to peruse its full collection, but benefit from art within each room, too. Choose from luxury suites and studios fit for one or the whole family and be sure to stop by the art shop for a memento of your trip before checking out.

Notel, Victoria

Fancy staying in a concrete high-rise car park? No? Wait – you haven’t heard about this one.
Notel is not a hotel. It’s a unique accommodation experience, perched nondescriptly on the roof of a Melbourne car park. Up there, you’ll find 6 shiny chrome trailers, kitted out with luxury linen, your own iPad Pro complete with Netflix and a virtual concierge, and its own outdoor deck with a communal area where you can meet other travellers. One of these designer trailers also features a private ‘Saphire Spa’ – a fluorescent-lit jacuzzi overlooking the urban street below.

Love Cabins, New South Wales

Nestled among the treetops in NSW’S Blue Mountains are the Love Cabin getaways – a stay in one of their romantic retreats will turn you off normal hotel rooms for life. If you had to pick between a treehouse, a tee pee, a solar-powered cabin, and a large wood and glass house in the forest, all encased by mountains, ravines and birdsong… which would you choose? It’s a tough call, so you may need to come back more than once.

Injidup Spa Retreat, Western Australia

On the coast of Yallingup, you’ll find the sanctuary of Injidup Spa Retreat, an ocean-view getaway complete with top of the range pampering facilities. Choose from one-bedroom, two-bedroom or honeymoon villas, each providing guests with their own complementary hamper on arrival.
Enjoy in-floor heating, your own fire, LCD TV, and an iPad docking station per room, plus inclusive access to the on-site Bodhi J Spa. Book yourself in for a massage, facial and body wrap, then take a dip in the pool as the sun sets. Beautiful!

Longitude 131°, Australia’s Northern Territory

Situated in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in the rich Aboriginal culture of the Northern Territory, you can rent a lodge beneath Australia’s iconic Ayers Rock out in the absolute seclusion of the red-sand desert. Camping never got so surreal or had a view so magnificent. Within the community of luxury lodges, there is also restaurants where you can soak up panoramic views of the dunes, and Spa Kinara, where you can treat yourself to a therapeutic massage or deep cleanse facial.

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Mary Poppins Returns Movie Teaser Trailer

As a huge Disney fan, I have to say that I can not wait for Marry Poppins Returns to come to
Theaters during the Christmas Holiday Season. If you are like me and grew up watching every Disney Movie and are now sharing them with
your children. I am looking forward to watching Mary Poppins and then watching Mary Poppins Returns with my children.

The original Mary Poppins movie was released on August 27, 1964. The Banks Children Michael and Jane were spirited little children. The uptight and wealthy Banks family were looking for a new nanny for the children after they have ran off many of the other nanny’s that they had. They embarked on many wonderful adventures, like cleaning up their bedroom and making it tidy again, A Carousel horse race, flying kites, and so many other magical adventures happen throughout the movie. Julie Andrews made an amazing Mary Poppins in the original movie. Dick Van Dyke was Mary Poppins Chimney Sweep Friend who went on a lot of their adventures as well. It would be great to watch before Mary Poppins Returns comes out at Christmas.


The Mary Poppins Returns is Emily Blunt as the practically-perfect nanny with unique magical skills who can turn any task into an unforgettable, fantastic adventure. I also am excited to see that Meryl Streep will be playing Mary’s eccentric cousin, Topsy. Dick Van Dyke is Mr. Dawes Jr., the retired chairman of the bank now run by Firth’s character and so many other wonderful Characters will be in the Mary Poppins Returns movie. The movie also features three new Banks Children who will be taking on all these wonderful adventures with Mary Poppins. They will I’m sure be learning a lot of fun songs, being admired my your children who will wish they could go on the amazing adventures with Mary Poppins themselves.

So start out with Mary Poppins so that they can learn all about the fun adventures and how to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious before Mary Poppins Returns is out in the theater. Let’s not also forget the “Spoon Full Of Sugar” song as well. Then they will be ready for the fun adventures that are sure to happen in Mary Poppins Returns. I can’t wait for it to come out! We will be counting down till it arrives with my children so that we will be ready for our Marathon of fun with Mary Poppins!

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Disney Donates 1 Million Dollars To Boys And Girls Club Stem Cell Program #Disney #StemCell

Black Panther photo blackpanther-703x422_zpsdfj6s2hy.jpg
Photo Credit to Disney

Black Panther is the newest, hottest movie that Disney just released on Feb. 16th to theaters. It had an explosion of everyone needing to see it, if you haven’t seen it yet then put it on your must go see movie lists! In Celebrations of how well the Black Panther did at the box office Disney donates 1 Million Dollars to the Boys And Girls Club Stem Cell Youth Program.

The 1 Million Dollar donation will help to expand the Boys And Girls Club Stem Cell Youth program to 12 new locations. The locations include Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; Harlem, NY; Hartford, CT; Memphis, TN; New Orleans, LA; Oakland, CA; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Washington, DC; Watts, CA.. They will expand the program for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs, supporting the high-tech skills that were a major theme in the plot of Black Panther and are essential in helping youth succeed. This really is an amazing program for youth to take part in and learn more about Stem projects and give them a more enhanced view into an amazing program that the Boys And Girls Club already offer youth.

It’s a great way for the underserved areas to receive some great educational programs for youth. Disney is always amazing me with how they reach out to help different ways in the community. This is no exception, the youth in these areas will put this program to great use. I also find it exciting for them that they will learn Stem Cell high tech skills like ones that were in the Black Panther Movie. How thrilling for the youth who will take part in these new Stem Cell youth programs.

Disney is always making wonderful dreams come true and for many youth this will bring them one step closer to their dreams. It may help these youth decide what they want to do after they graduate from High School. It also gives them a safe place to go to when parents are working and a place to socialize while learning great concepts.

If you have not seen the new Black Panther movie be sure to go! Watch with your children for the great high tech Stem skills that were a major part of the Black Panther movie. But there is so much more to Black Panther then just the Stem Cell projects. You will find a movie that depicts an instant cultural phenomenon, sparks communication between young and old, and breaks down myths about age old industry myths,” said Robert A. Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company. “It is thrilling to see how inspired young audiences were by the spectacular technology in the film, so it’s fitting that we show our appreciation by helping advance STEM programs for youth, especially in underserved areas of the country, to give them the knowledge and tools to build the future they want.” It is the must see movie of 2018!

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It’s A Sad Day When Parents Are Buying Bullet Proof Backpacks For Their Children #SchoolShootings

Bullet proof backpacks

I can not even fathom what the parents and the children of the latest school shooting in Florida have endured. What they are still going through in the wake of the shooting. I can not comprehend what the parents, children and staff have gone through with other school shootings. In a month span we have had several threats of school shootings where we live as well. One happened yesterday and that is alone scary enough with just a threat so I can not even begin to imagine when one occurs what the after math and what the parents, students, and staff have gone through, I really can not even comprehend that this is something we have to wrap our heads around to begin with.

I also want to send out our heart felt thoughts and prayers for all of those in Florida who were affected by the latest shooting. It was heartbreaking to watch on the news as it was live and I could feel my heart racing while watching it. I can not begin to put myself in the parents shoes that were there waiting to see their child/children. I can not even begin to express as a parent how I felt as I watched this unfold on the news. I personally never thought that there would be a day that we would have to fear for our child’s safety while they were in their classrooms and school, as I’m sure many of you didn’t as well. Unfortunately, it has become a reality and something that we as parents have to face with our children.

Today as I was scrolling through my facebook feed, the reality of it really hit me as I saw some parents stating they were purchasing Bulletproof Backpacks for their child/Children. WHAT! When did that become a thing!!!! I had never heard of a Bulletproof Backpack before. I’m sure they were a product not just recently made and have been around but I had never done a “Hey let’s see if they make a Bulletproof Backpack” search before because why would you. I mean maybe if you were in a profession that was dangerous like a Police Officer or something like that you would need one. But to go to school…who would think that you would want to purchase one for your child! It is seriously a sad, sad day when you go and look at them and a lot of them are sold out because parents are purchasing them for their children. When did we go from Paw Patrol, Frozen, and other Character backpacks to nope we don’t need Characters we need Bulletproof! As a parent I have to say that this does not put me at ease by any means! There has to be a better way to protect our children then purchasing Bulletproof Backpacks.

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