Ultrasuede Bean Bag Chair Review And Giveaway ($217.99 Value) Exp: 5/7


I received the Large Ultrasuede Bean Bag Chair from The Bean Bag Chair Outlet to review. I didn’t tell my family that the Large Ultrasuede Bean Bag Chair was going to be coming as I wanted to surprise them. It happened to arrive when I was the only one home. So I took it out of the box and put the cover on the bean bag chair. I received the Burgundy color cover. I of course had to try it out! lol

So I grabbed a book that I had been wanting to read, got comfortable in the bean bag chair and started to read. OMG! hours went by as I just sat so comfortable and read chapter after chapter. I was brought back to reality only when the kids came home. I got up out of the chair, to get the kids some things that they needed and lost my spot. lol The kids took over the bean bag chair between my younger son and my little princess of a granddaughter. Then my oldest son requested that I move the chair into their bedroom, and my oldest son took it over to play his video games in. They have just fallen in love with the chair and everyone uses it for so many different reasons. However, the whole family says one thing that always stays the same “I love how comfortable this bean bag chair is!”

You can receive your own Large Ultrasuede Bean Bag Chair by entering our giveaway below thanks to The Bean Bag Chair Outlet! I know you will find many uses for one around your home just like we have.

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