Tradewind Tea Sweetened Tea And Unsweetened Tea Review

tradewind tea

Calling all tea lovers, if your a fan of tea, your going to love Sweetened and Unsweetened Tradewind teas. I received Tradewind Sweeetened and Unsweetened tea to review. We had never tried them so we were excited for them to arrive.

The tea arrived and the whole family tried it, the kids loved both flavors, they also liked the sweet tea. Tradewind Teas are refreshing, have a great flavor and are perfect for any time of year. We have a favorite tea but since trying the Tradewinds teas my family has been requesting it instead of our normal brand. I love that it also comes in larger sizes so that I can have enough for the whole family to just go into the fridge and get what they would like.

My favorite was the sweetened tea, it has a perfect blend of sugar and flavor. We love to drink tea all the time so it’s just perfect. I always have a drink with me when I go anywhere as well. So I love that they have the perfect sizes to travel with as well. It fits perfect in my cup holder in my van and easily into my purse as well when I arrive at where ever I’m going.

Don’t forget you can also make Tradwind tea, to make other refreshing drinks for this summer when you have a get together. There is a great recipe for you to use and your friends will love it!

tradewinds sippers

**Disclosure** I received Tradewind tea for this review, all opinions are those of my family and myself