SCRAAAM Coaster GT Kids Lightweight Balance/Run Bike Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

scraaam balance bike

I received the SCRAAAM Coaster GT Kids Lightweight Balance/Run Bike to review for our blog. It is just so stinking cute the color and size of the bike is just perfect for my granddaughter. She just loved it when she saw the pink. She is 3 years old and wants to ride a bike like her sister and cousin but her balance needs some work even with training wheels on a bike she is afraid to sit on the bike. The SCRAAAM Coaster GT Kids Lightweight Balance/Run Bike will help her learn to balance a bike while still being able to ride with her cousin and sister. The SCRAAAM Coaster GT Kids Lightweight Balance/Run Bike doesn’t have pedals as it’s used for helping the children learn how to balance so that they can ride a regular bike and have the skills to ride it.

I helped her to get on the bike and showed her how to use it and she had on her elbow, knee pads and helmet so she was ready to ride. We took some practice rides so she could get use to it. She was then ready to ride on her own, she is figuring out how to balance on her own now. She fell down a couple of times during her learning rounds, but she is a tough little cookie, she got up and giggled and got back on and started to ride again. She was so proud of herself for falling down and then giving it another try, she told me that she was okay, and she was going to learn to ride her bike.

We worked together and she did so well, it was so adorable when she would yell “Look at me! I’m a big girl!” The huge smile on her face was just priceless to say the least. She was on her way by herself and just loved to go back and forth and show everyone how big she was. She was pushing her legs and keeping her balance pretty well for only using the bike for a short time. She told me that soon she would be riding a big bike like the other big kids and that she was a big girl now with her big girl bike. She made sure that anyone who walked by knew it as well. lol

The low bars on the bike make it easy for the children to get on and off the bike. They can use their legs to make the bike go as there are no pedals. So it helps them to get use to riding and balancing on the bike. They come in both blue and pink colors for you to choose from. They would make a great gift for the Holiday season or birthday. Your child will have hours and hours of fun riding their bike and learning how to balance.