The Melting Pot Cookbook Review

The Melting Pot Cookbook

I received the Melting Pot Cookbook to review and I have to say I have fallen in love with the recipes in The Melting Pot Cookbook, there are recipes in there for family cooking, holidays, get togethers, breads, desserts and so much more! I have also been wanting to make Kugel for my son as his dad’s side of the family is Jewish, so I can’t wait to try these recipes for him.

There are so many amazing recipes in this cookbook like the Pistachio Salad, Potato Pancakes, Chicken wild rice casserole, Party Beef Stroganoff, Chili Cheese Balls, Chocolate Torte, Chocolate Cherry Cake, Home made Mayonnaise, Summer cole slaw and so many other great recipes that I can not wait to try with our family. Your sure to find a LOT of family favorites in this cookbook.

The Melting Pot Cookbook would make a great gift as well. The cook or someone who wants to learn to cook will just love the recipes. There are recipes for all levels of cooking from easy to a little more involved. I know I will be using this cookbook for years to come.