Having A Hard Time Understanding Swagbucks? A Great Way To Get Free Rewards!


I have talked to many readers lately and they have said that they are members or haven’t signed up yet because they don’t understand Swagbuck’s and how it works.

I have already helped some of you but for those who are not asking yet or are still confused on how Swagbuck’s works. I’m going to explain it for you as I want you to get the most out of it that you can. Who doesn’t want free Christmas Presents for their children and Family?!?!?!?! So I am going to take you through how swagbuck’s works so that you can get the most swagbuck’s for your account. Step by step so that you can understand how it works from start to finish. 🙂

Sign up– This is a free program that Swagbucks offers, it costs you nothing to take part in it. It’s also great fun once you understand it. Once you Sign up you download the tool bar from Swagbuck’s.

Earning Swagbucks by doing Searches
Now you have the tool bar and your swagbuck’s account. Your well on your way already! When you need to locate something on the internet you will do your searches on the Swagbuck’s toolbar. Then when your searching at times you will see you have won 15 swagbuck’s and your search item listed below it. (Friday is a GREAT day to earn extra Swagbucks doing searches.) You at times need to enter the code in the box when you get swagbucks to have them credited to your acct. so watch for those as well.

Swagbuck’s ToolBar Icons

On your Swagbuck’s toolbar you will see “Swagbuck’s” which will take you to the Swagbuck’s home site if you click on it. Then you will see the search box for you to put in what your looking for. Next to that you will see your name in a gray box and it has how many swagbuck’s you have earned. Now if you just won some and it’s not showing up don’t panic it won’t till you reopen the page on your next visit to the internet. After the gray box is your logout button.

*Your Trusted Survey’s. A lot of these Survey’s are worth 50-100 Swagbucks! They do not take long to do and earn you great Swagbucks!

* Special Offers– These are offers you can take part in if you choose to earn more swagbuck’s some do Cost and some do not cost anything.

* Shop– This will take you to special deals that Swagbuck’s has going on. You can use the coupon codes to get deals on things you normally buy or have been wanting to.

*Daily Polls– These will take you to the daily polls that SWagbucks has going on. They will be about different things. They take just a minute to click and you get more swagbuck’s for your opinion.

* Invite Friends– You can invite more friends to join you earning free Christmas presents.

* Promote Banners- for you to use to get others to join you earning free items.

* Tuesday Phrase that Pays– The Tuesday Phrase that pays comes out on twitter. (I also usually post it in a blog post as well)

To redeem Swagbuck’s at Swagbuck’s store

Find the item you would like to redeem your swagbuck’s for then click on the the purchase the item. You will be asked for your password at that time to complete the transaction. Then you will be sent a email to verify that you purchased it. This is a GREAT feature so don’t get annoyed with it as it might just save your swagbuck’s. If you have children who use your computer as well they sometimes click on the wrong things and say WOW! I want that! lol They won’t get it unless you confirm the email that you do want to purchase it. 🙂 I have already had this happen to me with my son. I saved my swagbuck’s by canceling his order. 🙂

Swagbuck’s pumpkin Carving Contest

You could win 1000 swagbucks by carving your Pumpkin with something swagbuck’s related! Sounds like a fun time to me, I’m giving some thought as to what my Swagbuck’s pumpkin is going to be. You can read more about it by clicking on the word pumpkin to find out full details. 🙂

If you have do not have an account for Swagbuck’s yet you can sign up to get an account today and start earning Free Christmas Gifts. When you sign up you get 30 Swagbucks to start with and the code will give you another 10 more. You can read on the side of the blog where it says I don’t understand how Swagbuck’s works and it will explain how Swagbuck’s works. It is free to join and you can earn free Christmas gifts with FREE shipping! ***NOTE: I believe that this week you would get 60 swagbucks to start as it’s double Swagbuck’s week! Whooo hooooo!***