Trying to get the kids to Eat more Veggies? Try Veggie Fries

I have just heard about these so let me know if you have tried them and your opinion on them. I think these would be great with any meal, and get your child to eat more veggies. Talk about a great treat for Meatless Monday as well, have a veggie burger or Try the Eggplant Cutlet with some veggie fries. Don’t forget all the great dipping sauces that French’s is coming out with to add a little zip to them. These would make a great snack as well for movie night, after a lot of playing outside, or other activities. I have to say they look so inviting and are really making me hungry! Who’s with me??? Don’t forget the 4th of July is coming up and if your looking for a healthier menu be sure to add Veggie Fries to your menu, your guests are sure to thank you!

You can follow them on Dominex Facebook page and be sure to check out their Eggplant Cutlets while there. If you would like to know what store have Veggie Fries find a location near you here. Enjoy!