Free homework Help For Your Child

parent doing word problems

There is always that one assignment that your child brings home and your looking at it
saying to yourself “OMG! What is this!” and “Does this teacher know how long it’s been since I have done this?!?!!?” Trust me your not alone! There are also many times where the kids are not aloud to bring their books home from school as well. So your sitting there thinking well how do we figure this out without a book!

I know I have been there before when my son was in the Brick and Mortar schools. It would
just drive me crazy when there was no book, very little information on the homework and your child needs help. They are looking at you like “Okay, so help me with this homework already.” and you have that blank expression and ask them to show you how the teacher explained how to do it. Which if your child is like my son looks at you and says “I don’t know how to do it, I didn’t understand what they were saying to do, so I need you to help me.” I know it’s difficult when you have very little to go on, no book, and your child can’t even explain how to do it even a little bit.

Not to worry there are some sites that will be able to help you with their homework and
help you to figure out how to show your child to do their work and understand it. Some of the new math they do can be difficult for the kids to understand as well as the adults. They do them in a way that we were not taught so we can get the answer the way that we did it but it will be marked wrong by the teacher because the child didn’t do it the way that they wanted it done. So it makes it hard and frustrating for both you and your child.

We have found some websites that can help with different subjects and teach you how to do the assignment the way the teacher is doing it. The first site is Khan Academy they have free lessons for Math, Science, History, practice SAT tests, and much more. Khan Academy is a free site to use for you and for your child. So it can be a huge help for your child to figure out how to do that assignment that they are not understanding. You can also use it in the summer as a fun refresher for your child as well on those rainy days when your hearing I’m bored! You can also use Khan Academy for many other needs for school. They have a lot of great resources.

Another great resource we have found is Just Answer Homework to get your question answered just create a free profile. Then in the chat box ask your question and in a few seconds you will have your answer to your question. They also have tutors for various subjects that can help if you need extra help. It’s really a great asset to have at your fingertips for you and your child.

We have also found that YouTube can be a good resource for some videos on how to do Math, Science, and History as well as different English questions that you have. Just search the question that you have and choose the video that works best for you and your child. We have figured out many math problems, History questions and more by using Youtube.

Winpossible has answered thousands and thousands of questions on every subject. You just type your question in the box and put your email and you will receive a answer in your email box shortly after you ask your question. eMathhelp is another great tool that parents and older students should use to solve more advanced math problems. When a student starts calculus this can surpass the knowledge of the parent. With eMathHelp the student will be able to use calculators like, derivative calculators, to solve the problem and see the steps of how to get to the answer.

These are just a few resources that will help you with your child’s homework. There are many other great resources as well. We found an amazing tutor who is a teacher as well. We have had her with my son’s for the past 2 years. I found her on She is just amazing with my son’s and she has figured out how each of them learns and is able to teach them so much that they were having problems retaining. I have to say that the sessions do not break the bank. The cost is very reasonable and we wouldn’t trade her for anything! We meet at our local library for the boys to have their sessions, mainly because my grandchildren are loud at home. So they have a quiet place for the boys to do their sessions with her. However, soon we will be moving them to our home because I won’t have the grandchildren all the time. So they can work in our “school room”. I love that you can interview many tutors and find one that is the perfect fit for your child. We interviewed about 15 tutors and we then picked the one we have. So it’s a very easy process, a great way to help your child, and they are very professional.