Sandgrens: Gibraltar Swedish Clog Review

my clogs 1

I have to say when you think about Clogs, you think about a heavier shoe, and you might even think about the closed shoe clogs. I know I was thinking both of those when I thought about clogs. I was looking at the Sandgren’s Swedish Clogs and really liked the styles they offered but still wondered if they would be heavy shoes while wearing them.

I received a pair of the Gibralter Swedish Clogs to review. When they arrived, I was pleased to see that they were actually very light weight, adorable style, and they looked very comfortable. I had an appointment that I had to go to with my son’s, so I put my dress on and decided to wear my Gibralter Swedish clog’s. We were going to be gone all day, so I thought about bringing a second pair of shoes just in case. However, I decided against it and we left for the day.

my clogs

I was glad I didn’t bring the 2nd pair of shoes, they would have been extra weight in my bag. The extra shoes were not needed at all, the Gibralter Swedish Clogs were comfortable, easy to walk in all day and for long distances. I can honestly tell you that we walked at least 2-3 miles that day as we were having to walk all over, plus I was pushing my oldest son in his wheelchair and my feet were still comfortable. We were walking up inclines and still fine. I have to say I was really impressed with how well the Gibralter Swedish Clogs held up to my busy day even on the first day of wearing them. I loved that the clogs kept up with my busy day and I was ready to keep going even after getting home. Your sure to love the Sandgren Swedish clogs, and wear them everywhere!

**Disclosure** I received a pair of the Gibralter Swedish Clogs for this review, all opinions of the clogs are my own from actually wearing the clogs.