Puretergent Laundry Soap Review Say Goodbye To Chemicals


When I attended the Gluten Free Expo, I ran across Puretergent there. I learned it is a Gluten free, Phosphate free, as well as a all natural laundry detergent. There are several different types available for you to choose from as well, Gentle, calm, and fresh. My family is very sensitive to most soaps and laundry soaps. Soaps and Laundry Soaps are very hard to find that we can use. So I have to say that I was a little skeptical about trying it. Mainly due to if we break out in hives there is $240 in steroids that needs to be purchased and used to clear the hives. So I’m sure you can see where you would wonder if you should really risk trying it.

However, after talking to their amazing staff, and learning more about the products, I decided that we would try it. I asked which would work best for our family and they explained that they would all work well with our allergies but if I was really worried that I should try the gentle first. So it arrived and I opened the bag, grabbed a load of laundry and I was off to the washer. I started the load and then dried it. I have to say it smelled wonderful so clean and it did GREAT on taking the stains out of my son’s clothing as well. He is rough on his clothes so it’s important to get out the stains as well.

I washed our clothes in the Puretergent for 2 weeks before writing this review because in that span of time we KNOW if we are going to break out in hives or not. There was not one hive to be found and our clothes were fresh, soft, and clean. I actually used the Gentle and the Fresh during this time that we were testing it. Everything was perfect, and I swear my son’s clothing is getting less stains in them as well. Trust me it’s not a lack of him being easy on them! We love Puretergent! I even gave some to my son’s father as he breaks out in hives as well and no hives for him either! He works in a paint factory and his clothes get full of paint and grime while he works and he was also impressed on how well Puretergent worked on his work clothes. Puretergent got thumbs up from the whole family!

I also wanted to share with you that they offer a great deal on Puretergent when you purchase 2 or more pouches you receive FREE shipping as well. If you are gluten free or allergic to a lot of soaps like we are I would suggest that you try Puretergent, I think you will be as happy as we are with their laundry soap! Psst…there is also for a limited time $1 off your order with code “1off” at the checkout.

**Disclosure** I received two pouches of Puretergent for this review. All opinions are those of my family and myself.