ProFlowers Napa Valley Centerpiece And Boughs Review

Pro Flowers centerpiece

I received the Napa Valley Centerpiece and the Napa Valley 10lb Box Boughs. I opened the box and there was just a heavenly fresh pine smell coming out as soon as I opened it. It immediately put me in such a wonderful mood! I didn’t even care that the kids were in the background fighting over a toy, and who would play with it first. The centerpiece is just beautiful and smelled so pine sweet, that my mood just went to my happy holiday season. Christmas is my favorite time of year, the holiday cheer, the beautiful decorations, how everyone pitches in to help each other, it all just warms my heart.


There are so many things that you can make with Boughs or just use them to make a beautiful Centerpiece or wreath that will WOW your guests. They can also be placed around the house like shown in the photo to make the house look festive and smell so amazing. Our house smells like a Christmas heaven right now, everyone is in a better mood, it looks so festive in the house, they are just beautiful. The Napa Valley Centerpiece and the Napa Valley 10lb Box Boughs. would make a wonderful gift to cheer someone up or make their holidays just beautiful. I have also included a video of how you can use the Boughs to make a beautiful centerpiece with just a few items and the pinecones that come with the boughs. Your going to love them as much as we do. Start your holiday moods with ProFlowers and spread some Holiday Cheer! It’s the perfect gift to send to someone who has been sick as well, it will cheer them right up. So spread a lot of Holiday Cheer with ProFlowers.