My Most Embarrassing Train Ride To Date


It has been about 12 years since I was on a train in my defense, so I did forget about the jerking and how you should hold on tight while riding. I attended the International Home and Housewares Expo in Chicago this past weekend. I attended with Stacy from A Mom’s Revelation as the Expo is a huge 3 large conference room event. It’s a great event to attend and I always learn so much while there. We decided to take the train there, I stayed up the night before so that I could get some things done that I wanted finished before I left for the conference. So I slept for about 45 minutes before we left for the event.

We went through 2 of the Expo halls, and then we were back on the train again. We boarded the train and all of the seats were filled. I had my suitcase with me, so I was juggling the suit case and holding onto the bar so that I would not go flying around the train at the start and stopping of the train. Well, I was so tired from only sleeping 45 minutes and attending the expo. I turned to say something to Stacy and the train started to move. Needless to say I was not hanging on and Yes, if you are thinking I went flying, your so right. Where did I fly to??? I was far from graceful by any means, I flew almost right onto this poor gentleman’s lap. He and his girlfriend/wife were looking at me. I was apologizing to them both as flying into them was about the furthest thought from my mind. They were both very gracious and said it wasn’t a problem as I’m sure my face was tomato red! Shortly after that, we made another stop and some seats opened up and I popped right into a seat and I stayed there till we reached our stop.

We were laughing about it on the train ride back to the Expo the next day. In case this poor gentleman is a reader. I again apologize for my lack of train skills, and landing into you both! I do promise to find a seat on future train rides and not go flying around the train like a balloon that just had the air being let out, like in the cartoons! I am happy to say that I did find an open seat the rest of the train rides so there was only the one incident of embarrassing flight.